Lets Address the "Elephant in the Room"

When talking about the proverbial "Elephant in the Room" I am referring to the myriad of injuries that currently plagues the Dallas Cowboys and the fact that the Dallas "Brass" is downplaying most, if not all, of the injuries.

This concerns me because, well, how could you not be at least a little concerned?!

There are a minimum of 18 players listed on the injury report right now. Many of these players are supposed to have starting roles. Guys like Miles "someone get me a new hamstring" Austin. Players like Morris Claiborne. You remember him, he was the guy they traded up 8 spots to #6 in this years draft and gave up a second round pick to get him. "The highest rated defensive player on the draft board since Deion Sanders." When they drafted him he was coming off wrist surgery and now he is sidelined with a strained MCL after missing all of the on-field work in OTA's. They signed Nate Livings and Mackenzey Bernadeau in the offseason. Neither of whom has seen the field yet and both of whom were brought in as potential starters. These guys were brought in to help shore up and otherwise less-than-stellar offensive line. Speaking of offensive line; Kevin Kowalski and Bill Nagy are out for a few weeks. These men ALSO just so happen to play on the offensive line. We are looking for someone to step up as the #3 running back and the leading candidate, Phillip Tanner, has left camp to head back home to Dallas and have surgery on his broken hand. Another option at running back, rookie Lance Dunbar, has been hanging around Miles Austin too long and now HE has a hamstring issue. Oh yeah, dont forget rookie, and starting safety hopeful, Matt Johnson has a bad hammy along with Anthony Spencer and Jason Hatcher. The Cowboys are searching for someone to step in to the #3 WR spot. We have two guys - Danny Coale and Saalim Hakim - both of whom seemed to have A LOT of buzz around them at the start of camp, but now both of them have an injured hand and foot respectively. I havent even mentioned Mr. Mike Jenkins and his surgically repaired shoulder. He missed OTA's. He hasnt stepped foot on the practice field yet in 2012 and he may not be ready for week 1. REALLY?!?!?!?! We desperately need Mike Jenkins on the field with unproven Mr. Boy Wonder - "Pick 6" - losing much valuable time due to a sprained knee. The secondary was absolutely atrocious last year (and that is putting it lightly) and we need all bodies healthy and ready to play to even have an inkling of a chance to make the playoffs.

How can you possibly NOT be concerned about this roster filled with the walking wounded?!

These injuries are a colossal concern! And for those that are not concerned, you must either be drunk, delusional, or a Giants fan. The bye week comes in week 5 which leaves 75% of the games left on the schedule after the week off. That does not bode well for the team late in the season when guys have more of a legit chance to be banged up. Banged up just in time for us to potentially go on a playoff run. YIKES!

If training camp is only about 8 days old and 20% of the roster is banged up; that is not a good thing. Especially this early in camp. I am fully aware that injuries are part of training camp, but this many injuries, this early in camp, to key players at very key positions is bad. VERY BAD!

I'm talking about injuries to key defensive positions, offensive line, wide receiver, tight end, and running back. I wonder if Tony Romo got hurt if someone would express a wee bit of concern then??????

Thankfully, Romo is upright and ready for a HUGE year. I believe in you, Tony!!!! DeMarco Murray is looking good in camp and many seem to think he will have a great season, but tread lightly, DeMarco. This guy certainly has loads of potential and he was a beast at Oklahoma, but he missed the final 6 games of his rookie year and the kid was no stranger to the trainers room in college.

Just like any other Cowboys fan, I am hopeful for a double digit win season and a playoff berth. I am super excited about the talent in camp. I am happy to see an apparent change in culture and a more disciplined team. I am very glad to hear, or not hear, Rob Ryan running his mouth. I am ecstatic to see them bring in Bill Callahan. Other than Brandon Carr, Coach Callahan was a HUUUUGE acquisition. With that being said, the injuries to so many players so early in camp is a major MAJOR issue. We cant continue to look great on paper only to fall short on the field. It's getting old. REALLY OLD! Cowboys fans need to see a team that can punch it in the endzone once they get inside the 20 yard line. The fans need to see a team that can hold onto a lead in the fourth quarter. The fans need to see a team that can stop the pass and run the ball more effectively and it would be nice to beat the Eagles just once this year.

None of this will happen if much of the team is locked up in the training room, lounging in the hot tub, or getting treatment of some sort. We need healthy bodies and we need them now. There is less than 30 days until we head to the Meadowlands and those 30 days will go quickly if we dont pay attention.

I'm not sure why there are so many guys beat up so soon in camp. I do know that I can't seem to find another team this banged up in the NFL. There are injuries, sure, but I am hard pressed to find this many. Dont get me wrong, I am grateful we dont have any season ending injuries. PHEW!! It could be worse, but I am eager to see what kind of team we have. Its tough to form an opinion when so many guys are sitting on the sideline riding the excercise bike.

I think it was Jerry Glanville who said, "the NFL stands for not for long..." The same is true for a team who spends more time healing what hurts them than laying a hurtin' on opposing teams. We need these boys healthy and ready to play cause football season is upon us and JJ says, "the window of opportunity is closing."

I couldnt agree with you more, Jerry!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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