The morning after....

No weekend in professional sports is as highly anticipated as opening day in the nfl. Playing only 16 games, each game has signifigance like no other sport. A season is not won or lost on opening day or is it ? You have a 45% better chance of making the playoffs when you win your season opener.

With a full slate of games yesterday we got to see which teams look like they will live up to expectations and who won't and who may exceed preseason pronostications. We got to see the highly anticipated rookie debut's of Trent Richardson, Andrew Luck , RG3 and Russell Wilson. Who wasn't intrigued to see Peyton Manning in Denver ? Will Cam win games or will he be a fantasy stud only ? So many storylines and drama to be played out over the next 16 weeks.

We witnessed the coaching debut of Greg Schiano. This is one of the most compelling storylines of the season imo. No college coach has ever had the success of our own Jimmy Johnson. Few have the intestinal fortitude to even try. Even more baffling is the reluctance of owners to hire college coaches .Most pro coaching changes come from within the nfl via oc or dc to hc. Few truly ever work. Seems too many times coaching hires are just rehashing the same ol guys in the establishment.

The more I watched yesterday the more excited I became. The schedule this year has me more excited than the last few seasons. We get to play the big bad boys from the AFC north and I can't wait to see Dallas impose their will, dominate and WIN !

With that said , here are my thoughts on the morning after the opening day 2012.

Can a rb please rush for 100 yards not named Spiller, Murray or Gore ? I know it's a passing league but fantasy owners around the world are shaking their heads this morning in disbelief.

The Cleveland Browns had the correct game plan defensively to disrupt Michael Vick. Constant pressure up the middle making Vick continually have to move left or right and take him out of his comfort zone.

Playing with a rookie qb , a rookie rb and very little at the wr position the Browns had Filly fans staining their pants through out the game.

Uh Filly , we aren't the Browns !

The Saints missed Sean Payton. Dallas fans missed Sean Payton too because who wants to see Wahington win ? RG3 is is credible. I wish the lad well but do we really want to see a burgeoning dynamo at the qb position in Washington ? NO !

Von Miller , Tebowing was classic after sacking big Ben.

You just thought our o line was bad....anyone want to trade with Pittsburgh ?

Peyton Manning still looks funny in a helmet. He's still good too.

The Russell Wilson lovefest by fans and analyst alike may quickly become lukewarm.

There isn't a qb in the nfl who throws a better looking pass than Aaron Rodgers.

Great to see the Packers lose.

Ever notice how you hate a team more when they are good ? San Fran I am looking at you.

The Niners defense could challenge the 2000 Ravens defense. I am not jealous. I am envious.

Jim Harbaugh's head will explode on the sideline by mid season.

Ryan Tannehill made it 5 rookie qb's starting on opening day. He threw 3 int's. Jerry draft a qb in 2013 so we don't have a Quincy redo.

Greg Schiano I think will be very successful as an nfl coach. Tough as nails and smooth as butter. Talk about culture change.

Cam Newton....will he win ? ...will he be Mr. Fantasy ? the sophmore jinx in place ?....does he explode vs Dallas ?...

How many of you picked up Mark Sanchez last night in ff ? .....he won't throw 3 td passes the next two games

Quick , someone copy right "Megatree"

So glad I drafted Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler in my money league.....jus sayin

Jeff Fisher can coach. The Rams who were severely out talented vs the Lions, made one think that the Lions are good on paper.

I don't know if anyone remembers but the New York Giants lost. Pinned ! 1,2,3 Shoulders to the mat. It wasn't a title match however.

Anyone scared of the Falcons ?

Matt Forte is good....but we have Felix Jones...uh nevermind

The Bills and their 100 million dollar man....uh, lost to the Jets. Maybe he isn't Steve Austin after all.There was only one bionic man. Though he was only 6 million dollars. Inflation and all , ya know.

Should Joe Buck stay with baseball ?

Overall the Niners look like the best team. They aren't unbeatable.

I still hate the Patriots.

Did I mention that Dallas won ?

Happy Monday to everyone !! Football is back !!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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