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Indeed it's the ritual to most of us on a day to day, week to week, year to year basis. Last year I booked a trip around October to be traveling to Los Cabos, Mexico on New Years week! Irony is weeks later I looked at the Cowboys schedule and saw what the last game of the season was, and I said I hope to God that game is on TV because I had quite the feeling that that..... Would decide their fate. And as I predicted, there I was sitting on my bed in the hotel room drinking some Cerveza and thank god for ESPN Latin. That's the good news, the bad news..... The damn Mexican station would play an actual Spanish themed song when Cruz torched Newman and started doing the rumba in the end zone, and I ain't making that up. Painful memories, but ones you cherish, because I'm odd, and somewhat enjoy the agony and pain of defeat once in a while. Feel like its for the better.

Turn forward the chapter, and welcome to the new football season. How about our Dallas Cowboys ladies and gentlemen. Road Warriors, feels good to beat those damn Giants. I'm not going to lie though, there is nothing like watching that opening drive, man was my heart ever pounding. You wait all year round for this moment, and now it'll flash by like nothing, for better or for worse. I loved how the team looked. Let's start defensively, I think we got the right combination of youth and veteran prescience along the defensive line to be solid. Bruce Carter folks! Nuff said! Those two manning the inside backer position is something to be excited about for years to come. When is the last time we saw this speed, Dat Nguyen and Dexter Coakley. Very excited about them. The secondary, what a breath of fresh air. How much does it get your juices going to see those corners man up press coverage and say Bring It. Brandon Swagin Carr, man I loved seeing him when he almost picked off that pass and he just threw Hixon's arms off him like Child Please! Morris did his part too, big dude, got punked on that Bradshaw stiffy, but welcome to the NFL rook. Sensy even looks like a changed man, like he can just roam and not have to worry about a corner getting beat deep, not to mention that smack of a hit where he probably concussed himself. Then we got Mr Church, when is the last time we saw a safety almost jump a route like that and take it to the house. His man coverage skills aren't the best, but he's a guy you love to cheer for. Once Jenkins and Rat get in the line-up I think it's gonna be something special!

Now let's gets offensive, but more importantly, our man and/or man crush, Mr Antonio Romo. Never in my life have I wanted someone to win something to shut everyone up. Yes, he has made bad throws in his life, yes he has lost us some games, but my oh my he is this team, and without him the Cowboys are nothing. I was listening to the radio yesterday, and they were ranking the NFC East qb's in order of supremacy. And they were debating between 3rd and 4th between Romo and Vick. And the one announcer goes, well Romo is it for me because he still fumbles snaps in playoff games and loses the game. It makes me livid. Never will I understand why people have it out for him, and I can't wait till he wins the Bowl, and than we can hear Marshall Faulk, Sapp, etc. tell us how good he is. Idiots. I've been following this team since Troy took his last snaps, I'm 24, and barely remember the SuperBowl win against the Steelers. So my journey following this team began in the search for a quarterback. To see how long we have come, and to have a guy I'd line up for any day for, I love the guy so much, and I really mean that no matter how homosexual that may sound!

Week 1 was a well earned victory. The schedule presents its fair share of tough tasks, but I believe. I believe that this defense can ball, I believe that Dez and LV will start rumbles to protect anyone on the offensive side. And I believe that our number 9, will finally have his time of joy.

On a side note, I am a Canadian, my thoughts and prayers to all of you who may have been affected on this day many years ago, both personally and as a nation. I was in Gr 9, in religion class, and my teacher brought in a TV with live news. Time flies, and it's funny to see, how much we love football, yet take other things for granted like life, things can change in a flash, for God knows what reason. What's a game in the grand scheme of things. It's good to be alive!

God Bless


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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