Airman of the Quarter

In the Airforce, we have something called "Airman of the Quarter." Its an award given out every three months to a lowly Airman(ranks E-1 through E-4) whose contributions to their unit have been both outstanding and crucial to the unit's success. I have a shiny new Airman of the Quarter award with my name on it at home, and it encouraged me to start a series where I nominate and, eventually, award "Airman of the Quarter" to a Cowboys player who, although he may not be number one at his position on the depth chart, was a standout player and teammate.

Lets get right to the jump, which you can follow for more on how this will work, and who this weeks nominee is...

Since the NFL season is 16 games long, I will nominate a lowly journeyman or backup on a weekly basis, and award the "Airman of the Quarter" to one of the nominees every four weeks. At the end of the year, if I'm not too caught up in our playoff games, I'll pick an Airman of the Year.

I figured this would be relevant because all of the positional rankings and player awards go to the stars- Tony Romo, Demarcus Ware, Dez, etc... all of which are undoubtedly stellar players and maybe the best at their respective positions.

But we know and LOVE those guys, we hear about them every week, we have their jerseys on our back on game day. Airman of the Quarter nominees are guys we didn't love yesterday but love today, or don't love today but probably WILL love next year.

So without further ado, our Airman of the Quarter nominee for this week is(big drumroll, huge shocker coming)

Kevin Ogletree.

I know, its boring, right? Completely foreseeable?

Sure, but he's really a spectacular story from week 1. Without Kevin stepping up, proving the doubters(myself included) wrong, and earning his spot on the roster, the Cowboys are probably 0-1 this week. How many of you were with me when I made calls to "CUT THE TREE!" ? I know many, because I'm not the one who coined that phrase.

I just chanted it like a mantra during training camp and throughout the preseason.(That and something about the Cole Train...)

What makes nominating the Megatree interesting though is that we'll be able to look back in three weeks, when all the nominees are in, and see how he faired the rest of the quarter.

Will he be the next Laurent Robinson? Or just a decent 3WR like Patrick Crayton was?

Tell me what you think(cause your input will matter when it comes time to decide from the four nominees).

In three weeks time, will KO be another flash in the pan? Or will he be king of the backups and AOTC? If not KO, who do you see stepping up in the next few weeks?

Thanks for reading-


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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