What's wrong with BtB?

I know, I know. How dare I?

It seems like sometimes there is a civil war. A lot of the old timers are at odds with each other. Some people launch personal attacks over simple disagreements (not counting trolls they get what they deserve). I remember on this site people use to compliment each other more than attack.

Rec-ing articles and comments happened more freely. People were more supportive of the ones that tried new things.

Differing viewpoints were celebrated not looked down on, attacked or ignored. Articles had more than just one style. There was comedies, movie/tv comparisons, stats, personal stories, extremely random points of view.

It has slowly become a lot of break downs, a lot of stats, and a lot of cutting and pasting. And you know what you're better than that BtB! We don't need to have people posting redundant articles, getting into long conversations that have nothing to do with the articles, personal attacks that go across multiple stories, front page stories that are hard to tell who wrote it unless you read the name of the writer, letting trolls slide without showing them a little Cowboys hospitality, complaining nonstop about players on the team working miracles considering the situation, putting your love of your petcat/point of view above your love of the Cowboys and countless other problems.


Let's start following the rules (no more posting fanshots as fanposts, no more getting way off topic, no more personal attack) and start becoming a team. The most important thing is that the sleeping giant that is the Dallas Cowboys is slowly but surely rising let's rise with it. Just as Dallas is getting its swagger back, so should us fans. The bickering and b&ming doesn't belong here, let's leave that at the mothership, ESPN, yahoo and other sites. This is a place for fans by the fans.

We all read this because we love the 'boys, let's stop acting like Eagle fans.

End rant.

(Editor's note I don't hate the front page writers or stat break downs, this is intended as a way to improve the content nothing more)

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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