Questions about the Seattle game

With a nice road win against the defending Super Bowl champs under our belt, us fans now have a little better understanding of what we have with our team. For example, this is what I learned after one game:

(1) We are not going to miss Laurent Robinson. He was a product of the system. When you have Miles Austin and Dez Bryant that warrant attention, you're going to have people uncovered. Last year it was Robinson. This year it appears to be Ogletree. 8 catches for 114 yards and 2 TDs sure seems to support this claim.

(2) Our defensive front line is better. The return of Jason Hatcher has already provided postitive results. Other guys are doing a better job and it opens things up for our defensive star, Demarcus Ware.

(3) Speaking of defensive star, Sean Lee is a stud. 10 solo tackles, 2 assists, and a forced fumble. The guy is going to play his way into the Pro Bowl this season. Wherever the ball goes, #50 is right there with it.

(4) Romo's got it together. Now this one is tough for me because his decision making fluctuates at times. Tony was phenominal in game one. He really didn't have the protection it seemed like because a lot of the extra time he did have was from his own doing. We all know he's a playmaker. If he can sustain this level of play, we got good things to look forward to this season.

As we get ready for our week 2 game in Seattle, there are a few things that I'm wondering about. And these things are:

(1) Will our offensive line play improve? If we had lost our first game, all we would be hearing about is how horrible our O-line played. It was that bad. But we won, so for some people it gets pushed under the rug. The Seahawks defense is really strong. Despite losing the game, they only allowed 210 passing yards last week, but even more impressive - 43 rushing yards. I know it was against Arizona, but it should be expected that our offensive line will need to do a better job this week or we could be in trouble. I really hope we can improve upon our week 1 performance.

(2) Is DeMarco an elite running back? Last season, the Cowboys were undefeated when Murray touched the ball at least 20 times. Well, Dallas wasted no time getting him involved as he carried the ball exactly 20 times for 131 yards. It's good enough to lead the NFC in rushing. I know a lot of people have high expections of him this season, but so far he is exceeding them.

(3) How good is this defense? I actually was really impressed with them in week 1. There was no salsa dancing and our new CB tandem kept Cruz and Nicks in check. We might have playmakers within every area of our defense and is it unreasonable to think they might be a top 5 defense? That sounds crazy to say out loud, but I'm not so sure it's that crazy.

Those are my questions going into this week. What questions do you have?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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