Locked & Loaded For Seahawk

For some reason all the critics, and pundits could do this offseason was doubt. Never once did they let thoughts creep into their minds that maybe the Giants aren't anything more than a 9-7 team who benefited from a lot of luck, and fortunate health, or that the Eagles aren't any better than Cowboys since both teams went 8-8 last season, Nope, they still kept hating on those Cowboys. I understand it's what gets the ratings, heck I'm responsible for some of them, since I still keep watching these morons spew the same song and dance about Dallas every year. Witty gems like "They're talented, but they have no leaders." "They upgraded the secondary with the rookie Morris Claiborne, but the secondary is still suspect because they should have spent the draft picks on a safety instead" And the ever so classic "Romo isn't elite, and he's a choker who will make a mistake when the game is on the line." So in a nutshell, basically Dallas has no chance this season of beating anyone really good, especially the NFL"s model franchise, the New York Football Giants.




Well, it seems like they're not the only ones who were thinking about those things, because Tony Romo was too, as well as the entire team. And after they came in and punched the defending super bowl champion New York Giants in the mouth on opening night, and took home a victory with a left handed cross to the temple via Romo to Austin on 1st & 30 the same "leaderless" Cowboys stunned the NFL world and left the pundits speechless. This was the perfect game for Dallas to show that they weren't last years' Cowboys. There were plenty of doubts on the field that night. They were dressed in blue and had names like Tuck, Eli, and Cruz. They bent the Cowboy's will, but they didn't break it. No matter how hard they tried the Doubts couldn't sack Romo, The Doubts couldn't hold on to the football, the Doubts failed to stop DeMarco, and ultimately they failed to prove they were right. At least for that one night. But it wasn't just Doubt that was in play that night, Trend also came to play. He boasted that no team has beaten a defending champion at home on opening night since 2004. The odds aren't in your favor Dallas. The Cowboys proved that night that Trends are meant to be broken, and break them they did. After Wednesday night the defending super bowl champs were 8-1 on the NFL'S kickoff night.



(Now, that is a victory formation.)

The outcome wasn't that surprising for those who follow the Cowboys like a pigskin bible. It seems like the Cowboys always save their best for the "Impossible" games. Last week's game was one of many. Remember the Cowboys beating the undefeated Colts in Romo's miraculous 2006 season? Or when the Cowboys and especially Demacrus Ware's backs were against the wall facing the unbeaten Saints on the road? Dallas came out on top then, and propelled themselves to an NFC East tile, and their first playoff win in a long, long time. Yeah, they got drubbed in Minnesota, but it still doesn't change the fact that they a won a game that no one gave them a chance to. But this is one of the things that is holding this team back. They seem to wait for the "Mission Impossible" to arrive and usually by the time it does it's too late for them to compete or make a deep run. But after this team's performance last week, I'm starting to think differently. I saw a team playing with a focus and determination I haven't seen before(Remember I'm just a youngin' when it comes to Cowboys football) I saw a quarterback leading his troops into battle against seemingly insurmountable odds, and coming out victorious. This year it's different. No more blown leads, no more pick sixes to the Bobby Carpenter's of the world, this team is playing like it has something to prove.

Tony Romo goes HAM vs the Giants (via JAMES CARTER)

This years Cowboys are locked and loaded. They just need to keep racking up more ammunition and once they're fully loaded they'll blow the competition away. But getting ammunition isn't as easy as just waltzing into a gun store and buying some from behind the counter...Dallas needs a special kind of bullet for a special kind of firearm. You see the bullets Dallas needs are everywhere around them, but they're only located deep within a football field. In order to acquire this ammo the Cowboys need to beat the other team into the turf. Bonus cartridges are awarded with each victory accumulated. These bullets help protect the Cowboys from attacks from other teams, fans, vidiots, and armchair QBs. They help the Cowboys establish their turf.

The next turf Dallas needs to take over is located in Seattle, WA. The home of the Seattle Seahawks, who also happen to be the same team that is responsible for the crushing bobbled snap loss in the 2006 playoffs. Located within these barren walls is the terrifying presence known only as the "12th Man" who by his sheer presence makes offensive linemen jump with fright. The Seahawks though don't have as formidable of an offense as the Dallas Cowboys' as their ship is being lead by a rookie quarterback named Russell Wilson who was less than impressive in his season debut against the Cardinals, overthrowing receivers, and looking very green. The offense is powered by Marshawn Lynch and his Skittles. The one thing Dallas must not let Lynch do, is go into "Beast Mode" because if he does Lynch will suddenly transform into the Incredible Hulk, and leave earthquakes and defenders in his wake. The only other scary thing about Seattle is their "Legion Of Boom" a dreaded trio featuring two stout corners and a safety who are as tall as redwoods. If the Cowboys can manage to contain Lynch, and force Wilson into making mistakes, Dallas should go home with a win. But it won't be easy. Seattle plays tough at home. They haven't lost a home opener in ages. There's no way Dallas is gonna break that streak. Wanna Bet?

I don't think Dallas is taking Seattle lightly at all. The vidiots on ESPN and NFL network can crow all they want about how Russell Wilson is going to all of a sudden transform into an NFL ready quarterback the moment he steps on the field Sunday, or that this is a "trap game" which in layman's terms means this is the game Dallas usually loses. Which I call BS on, because last year it seemed the majority of Dallas's losses came against teams with an above 500 record.(Minus Arizona) Even in our losses last year we were inches away from winning.(Except for Philly..Those dang birds..always crapping on our parade.) And with this team's newfound mental toughness, confidence, and their devil may care attitude about the critics, I don't see this year's Cowboys losing games they should win anymore. Jason Garrett has made me a believer. The way he has righted this team's ship as of late is darn near impressive. But all it takes for the confidence, and the toughness to go away is a loss to Seattle. And then the haters come crawling out of the woodwork again, bringing doubts along with them.

And more clips and articles about this.



(I know Tony. It sill hurts me too.)

So do us all a favor Boys and roast the Seahawks on Sunday. But make sure to tenderize em first though with a special helping of DeMarco Murray, sprinkle some D Ware and Carr on the carcass, and then put em over the coals with Dez and Miles, then add some knockout BBQ sauce from the Bruce Lee kitchen, and then if you would be so kind then serve em up on a plate to the tune of 31-13. Thus, erasing any doubts about whether Dallas has gotten over the playoff loss in 2006, and proving that the improbable victory over NY wasn't a fluke. Ready, Set, Aim, GO COWBOYS!



(No one can stop the houdini sack ninja! Dallas is going to go HAM on Seattle.)

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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