Cowboys lose to Seattle - The Positives

What a let down.

Losing the game isn’t what really bothers me. I’m most disappointed because after last week, I thought the Cowboys had finally taken the next step. I thought they had become a team that could be counted on. It’s the trust that’s missing. The trust that was there in the 90’s, early 80’s and 70’s (I can’t speak for the 60’s). With those Cowboys, you knew you were going get a team that knew what to do and knew how to do it - even when they lost.

Does today’s loss against the Seahawks write the book on the ‘Boys 2012 season? Of course not. To put things in perspective: The Patriots lost at home, last week's Baltimore world-beaters got beat, the Giants barely survived at home, the Saints are 0-2, and either Atlanta or Denver will have to answer to a loss tomorrow night. I’m sure it’s not the last we’ll hear from any of them this season.

Losing a game against an opportunistic opponent in week two is not likely to define the 2012 Cowboys either. The ship is in "the process" of being righted, but to ignore the fact that the team took a step backward would be irresponsible as fans.

It's high time for this team to stop sitting on the fence and decide if they're going to be winners. They have just as much talent from 1-53 as anyone else.

That being said, it’s clear we can all use a little cheering up. So I’m posting about the positives for this game - and there are quite a few. Please add yours in the comments and remember to have fun. It’s only a game!


Congrats to the Seahawks and the "balance" displayed by their cheerleaders - naughty enough to un-bale the hay in the barn, yet nice enough to bring to the family BBQ. WOW.

Without further adieu, I present the positives from today’s game:

1) Dan Bailey is still perfect on the year.

2) Chris Jones did not break his foot when his kick was blocked (see Mcbriar, Matt @ ARI 2008)

3) Coming into the game there was a concern about containing Leon Washington on punts. Not a bad job.

4) I’m glad there aren’t any punks on this team. To find out why that’s a good thing, see (Morgan, Josh) the last 3 minutes of the Redskins game.

5) It’s mathematically possible that the Cowboys won’t have to play at CenturyLink field again until 2018.

6) What was suspected is now confirmed. It is impossible to knock Chuck Norris Sean Lee out of a game. Today, we saw first hand what concussion symptoms look like when they experience Chuck Norris Sean Lee.

7) Mike Jenkins shows he’s the RKG by manning the gunner spot on punts.

8) Rob Ryan - you sly dog! Sending Spencer on a blitz from the sideline was brilliant. Even if it was a happy accident, you may be on to something. If the play had not been nullified by a facemask penalty, we surely would have had a memorable entry into Ryan lore.

9) The O-line cleaned up their false start problems.

10) 1-1 is better than 0-2.

11) There are still 14 games to go.

12) Romo pulled himself into a tie with the REVERED ONE for the most TD passes by a Cowboy’s QB. It will be a nice side story this week, and I’m looking forward to a few sound bites from my boyhood idol #12. FEAR THE STAU!

Win or lose, it’s great to be here with everyone at BTB. We’ll get through this together and we’ll root again next week. It’s one game. It’s OUR Cowboys.


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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