Chill Out / Freak Out - Week 2 Loss

In any loss there are many bad things that happen. Today I've seen people discussing a wide variety of subjects related to why they're feeling so down after this Cowboys loss. Allow me to separate the things I think we as fans should chill out about, what which things we should freak out about.

Chill Out

We Lost a Game - It was a non-division road loss. There are only 5 teams in the NFL without a loss. All this loss means is we aren't special, we're just like everyone else. If you thought this was bad imagine what New England is thinking about getting beat by Arizona or the Redskins think about losing to the lowly St.Louis Rams or the New Orland Saints think about starting 0-2. This is a loss you can shake off and move forward.

Injuries - Injuries always suck but a few missed games by a few players is fine, this is the NFL, guys get hurt. Let's compare our injuries to the rest of the NFC East

Giants - Lost #1 CB for the season. So many injuries they are playing Alan Balls at CB.

Eagles - Lost arguably the best left tackle in the league for the season. Likely lost center for the season.

Redskins - Lost their best defensive player, pass rusher Brian Orakpo for the season. Also lost starting DE Adam Carricker for the season.

Cowboys - Deep defensive line will have a couple missed games as will safety but the team will be fully healthy after the bye week.

Ware, Carr, and Tyron Smith aren't on this list, no other NFC East team can say that.

Drops - We've seen Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, and Jason Witten catch everything around them. This was a particularly bad day for drops but we know this isn't usual. Expect all these guys to be at their normal excellent selves next week

Freak Out

Offensive Line - It looked like a flashback of last year with rushes coming at Romo up the middle, sometimes multiple guys getting through, and DeMarco Murray having to avoid hits in the backfield just to make it to the line of scrimmage. Last week Romo got sacked by the very unheralded Rocky Bernard and was having to do multiple houdini moves against the Giants. It's time to start freaking out about the o-line again.

Toughness - Another year same as the last. In 2008 at the height of the Wade Phillips era the Baltimore Ravens came into Texas Stadium and took it to the Cowboys for 4 quarters. By the final quarter the defense was suffocating the Cowboys with big pushes and the offense ripped off huge runs. The Ravens players remarked afterwards how the Cowboys weren't mentally or physically tough and they (the Ravens players) just saw the desire go away - that they just beat them until the Cowboys gave up.

Now it's 4 years later and Jason Garrett talks about toughness in training camp. But, just like the Wade Phillips team, they seem to get worn down over the course of the game. The run defense gets pushed more and more back every series, Mashawn Lynch's YPC grows with every run play, this culmiates with the massive hit on Sean Lee which goes completely unretaliated or even contested by a single Dallas Cowboys player - they seemed to have given up and accepted it. And just like 2008 the Seahawks players remark after the game how soft the Cowboys were and how they thought the Cowboys gave up.

New head coach, new window dressing, same physically soft team?

Special Teams - Last year we were arguably a blocked punt against the Jets away from making the playoffs. This year we could be a blocked punt against the Seahawks away from making the playoffs. Our kickoff returns are so pathetic I honestly see no reason why they shouldn't just kneel it down every play. It's time to freak about everything special teams related except Dan Bailey.

Felix Jones - When he runs he looks like he's dragging an anchor behind him. 2 fumbles and 2 dropped passes in this game. The ultimate insult was the final play of the game where he tackled himself with 3 blockers ahead of him on a screen pass. It's time to freak about about Felix and see what Tanner can do.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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