I honestly believe all the core players, and coaches have got to go!

Go ahead and bash me, or chastise me, but I'm gotta put my thoughts down and see how you feel/think about it. I believe all the core players, 5 to 6 years or more on this team, and all the coaches, Garrett, Ryan, Decammilas have all got to go. The reason I feel this way is because it's the same old scenario every single year. They just cannot, and or will not win with this group. I have no idea what the problem is, but I'm gonna say what I think it is and see what you gotta say. Fair enough?

I have been a Cowboys fan my whole life, I have tattoos, I have named my son Dallas, and I have well over 60 Cowboys stickers on my Ford Focus. I will never lose hope in this team, nor give up on them, but somethings gotta be done. It has been the same song and dance every year. The same, well let's move on from it, lets work and get better, well you know what those words are falling on deaf ears. How about we quit saying lets move form it, lets learn from it and do it, my mother always taught me that actions speak louder than words, and all I see from the Dallas Cowboys are words, and not a lot of action every single year. When will these sayings ever get old? Never?

I'm not trying to ruffle any feathers, but the same message is said on here after every game just like last year. Oh it's just one game, or one game does not make the season. Lets chill, they will be OK. No they will not, No they will not. You all said the same things last year attempting to make yourselves feel better, and look what happened. The same is gonna happen this year, wait and see.

I'm almost getting tired waiting for this team to win. It's a process I get it, but why is it taking sooooo long. It's been a process for almost 3 years now, it took San Fran one off season to become one of the best in the teams in the league, ONE off season. Why can't the Cowboys even come close to duplicating this? Why not? WHY?

So I feel until they get rid of some people, start all over, nothing is gonna change. This team is so bi polar, and it's been that way for as long as I can remember. One week beating the best team in the league, a World Champion, to the next not being able to beat the Browns.

I just don't get it, what happened? How come the game plan worked out so perfect last week, but wasn't used this week? What happened? It's like they took that plan and threw it away, lets try something else, and it back fired. Why can't this team be at least a little consistent? I mean come on now. You bump the receivers all over the field against the Giants, but then give a huge cushion to the Seahawks? Why? Again Bi Polar I tell ya. Why no adjustments? This is the worse coaching ever, and it stays the same every year, no changes!

And Garret talked about them wearing down as the game wore on last season, so he had them sprinting after every practice, and yes it seemed to work last week, but what about this week? Especially after 11 days off. Why were they the weaker, more run down team? It seemed the Seahawks were the ones doing all the sprints and conditioning after evey practice in camp, not the Cowboys???

Why can't one aspect of the team help pick the other one up either? Have you all noticed that once one section fails the whole team fails? Why? Why if the offense is struggling can't the defense pick up the slack and help out, or vise verse, nooooooo once it starts heading down hill the whole team rolls down with it?

Again, I'm not looking to upset anyone, I just want answers? I read every ones posts on here, and they all seem very in formative, very good writes. BUT the problem I feel is, why doesn't the coaches or players read your all posts? I mean it seems almost like you all could run this team better than them! All your insights, and analyse. They seem spot on. You all seem to find things and point out things that these darn coaches obviously cannot. Why is that? Are they not seeing what you can see or what? Why won't they try fixing anything? This team just seems to wanna remain content on where they are at, and continuing to suck, year after year, and not listen to anyones input for anything. I feel if they just heeded a few of your all's words at least a little this team would be much better, but nope I guess they just wanna continue to suck!

I never see any adjustments as the game goes on either, nor any adjustments between games. Why is that? Are these coaches just not smart enough or what? I keep seeing the same things ran every single week, every single year. When will it ever change?

So why does this same thing happen every year. Is it the Owner? Coach? Players? My guts says all the above.

I'm not trying to have a knee jerk reaction here but I'm telling you, nothing is ever gonna change, it's all gonna remain the same, a roller coaster up and down team year in and year out until something drastic is done about it. Replace majority of this roster or nothing will change!

Does any one have answers or input?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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