Note to True Cowboys Fans

Hello BTB,

I've been extremely busy since Dallas went up to Seattle, I also needed some extra time to get over what I witnessed live at Century Link Field. My Brother gave me his season ticket seats for this game. I'm not going to go into game summary since we've all seen plenty of it. The explanation of the Title i chose will come to light in the following.

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Let me instead start off by saying that once I found a parking spot and began walking toward the stadium, there was a large Cowboys fan base walking with me. It seemed that for every four hawks, there was a Cowboy in their midst.

After passing through security then the turnstiles, We got up the stairs to the 1st level just in time for the National Anthem followed by two F-18's screaming overhead from Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

Already jacked we run up to find our section. We just got to our level when kick-off happened. I Stop and turn around to watch as the ball soars into the air to begin what should be a 2-0 experience, only to be met a wall of sound from a sold-out Seahawks Home Game. (We all know why) The stadium literally felt like it was going to crumble beneath me from the vibration and my mind couldn't even hear itself think. To say that it is the loudest stadium in the NFL is a gross understatement. I fully grasp how dangerous the 12th Man can be to opposing teams.

Getting to my seat I was heckled and booed, remember now, I was in a season ticket holder's seat... enemy territory wearing #82 with my Big D cap. Gave a couple 1 finger salutes to the 12th Man and started drinking my beer.

Every down our Offense had, The 12th Man Would get on their feet and erupt, I must say, Tony & Co. fared well against this added defense. We all saw what happened throughout the entire game. So for sake of brevity, I will get to the worst part of my day.

It wasn't the fact that our team couldn't play like they were expected to. It wasn't the fact that we beat ourselves and not the team on the other side of the ball. It wasn't even all the missed tackles and dropped passes...

With 10 Minutes left in the 4th Quarter, as if per-coordinated, These North West Cowboys Fans got up and started filing out of the stadium in droves. Without being disrespectful to the Native American's that walked The Trail of Tears, I can't find a better comparison for what I saw. I started to get mad. Seahawks fans began heckling every fan that walked down those steps, all the way out the gates. From my seat I could see outside the stadium to the train stop, where Thousands of "Cowboys Fans" zombied their way to transportation.

Finally a "Cowboys Fan" Wearing #88 - Pearson got mad at Seattle fans around me for being berated. He shoved a fan that booed him. And I finally had enough. I got in between the altercation facing the man and he froze at the sight of another Cowboy Jersey. I told him that If he leaves with nearly a whole quarter left to play he deserved everything these loyal seahawk fans were giving him. Followed up with him needing to take his jersey off because In my eyes, He doesn't deserve to be a fan of The Star. He soberly nodded and walked down and out. My entire section left me alone for the duration of a crushing loss. The Insults stopped and they actually commended me for sitting through the game. Then when I headed out, Those fans shut up anyone around me until I got out of the stadium.

I apologize for the long post, but this brings me to my Title. If you are a True Cowboys Fan. Prove it. Stand Loud, Stand Proud, Stand. Until the last whistle blows, Stand.

I watched Peyton Manning and the Broncos on Monday Night with identical scores and the same amount of time when so many "Cowboys Fans" left the building Sunday. Peyton almost tied the game... That could have happened in Seattle, but sadly it did not.

More importantly if you love these cowboys like I do. Support them, don't abandon your team, if you can't fall in line with that, find a different team because we don't need you. As the saying goes, You Either Love em' or Hate Em' everyone has an opinion on The Dallas Cowboys. You can't be both though. Choose a side, I know which one I'm on.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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