Giants Season Outlook

I made a preview of the Dallas Cowboys Season a few weeks back, and after the first two weeks, plan on making another. But first, I decided to make previews for our NFC East rivals. Here's my first one, a look at how I see the Giants season playing out:

Week 1: Loss to Dallas Cowboys, 0-1

Week 2: Win against Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 1-1

Week 3: Win against Carolina Panthers, 2-1

Week 4: @ Eagles The Eagles are barely 2-0 at the moment, and are playing like a team that should be 0-2. Their success won't last long, as the Giants defensive pressure will force Mike Vick into a fumble and 2 interceptions. Manning will also be pressured into 2 interceptions, but won't fumble the ball. I see both Quarterbacks struggling against tough defensive lines behind weak offensive line. However, Manning will do just enough to beat the Eagles. Giants 17, Eagles 14, 3-1

Week 5: vs Browns This one should be an easy win for the Giants. The Browns are a weak team. They are behind a struggling rookie Quarterback who should not have been a 1st round pick, and have a RB that is a bruiser but can't do it all by themselves. The Browns do however have decent pass defense and Manning is not mobile, so I don't see him doing too much against them. The Giants win easily, but could have played much better. Giants 24, Browns 7, 4-1

Week 6: @ 49ers I'm very excited that the Giants will have to play against the 49ers in front on the 9ners home crowd. The Niners are dominant and should play even better at home. They beat the Giants last year and were muffed punts away from a super bowl appearance. The 49ers will be relentless and get their revenge on the Giants in front of a happy home crowd. 49ers 35, Giants 17, 4-2

Week 7: vs Redskins The Redskins success from week 1 will have diminished by now. The Giants lost badly the week before, but are still riding a hot streak. The Redskins will come in and stay competitive to the end but falter in the last few minutes. Giants 27, Redskins 20, 5-2

Week 8: @ Cowboys The Giants will be ready for a rematch this time, after an embarrassing loss to the Cowboys in week 1. The score was only by 7 points, but the game was not really that close, as the Giants did not have a great performance. The playoff chase will be on in full steam and the Giants will come in with a must-win-for-ego mentality. However, their ego will take another major killshot. The Giants will trail close to the third, 20-17, but the Cowboys will get hot again in the fourth and finish the game with a win. Cowboys 30, Giants 20, 5-3

Half Way Analysis: The Giants started off the season on the wrong foot. They lost their first game at home to the highest home crowd attendance in franchise history. Then they almost lost to the Bucs and were lucky to win in week 2. But as they have become notorious for doing, the Giants recovered from a bad start and have done a nice job of placing themselves in position to make the playoffs with an NFC East win again. But their schedule has been relatively easy so far, and the second half looks horrifying. (To them at least ). Lets continue on and see how their season ends.

Week 9: vs Steelers: The Steelers have an aging defense and offensive line, but a great receiving core and a QB that knows how to man it. The Giants don't have the pass defense to stop them, and considering they are inconsistent, I see the Giants just unable to pull it together and win. Steelers: 31, Giants 27, 5-4

Week 10: @ Bengals: The Bengals are an underrated team, but I don't think Andy Dalton can play at the level of Eli Manning. The Giants outmuscle and outmatch the Bengals, to put it simply. The Giants go the Cincinnati and upset their fans. Giants 20, Bengals 10, 6-4

Week 11: Bye

Week 12: vs Packers The packers are off to a semi-slow start, but will be back to full form by week 12. Aaron Rodgers will still be ruining defenses, and won't stop for the Giants. Last time these two played, the Packers did not perform well. There were numerous dropped passes and fumbles, ad the Giants had the game handed to them. The Packers will not be mentally weak this time and Aaron Rodgers will take advantage of the weak NY secondary and throw for 400+ yards and 4 TD on his way to a win. Packers 35, Giants 21, 6-5

Week 13: @ Redskins The Giants have had a rough 3 weeks, going 1-2 and losing hold of a good playoff chance. They will catch their last break against the Redskins before a terrifying final 4 weeks. The Giants will take advantage of their last easy win to prepare for an ending that could ruin them Giants 28, Redskins 14, 7-5

Week 14: vs Saints The Saints are off to a bad start, but they will be back on track by week 14. Drew Brees will lead his team back to a good record. Jonathan Vilma will also be back solidify their defense and Brees will be ready to torch the secondary. Manning will put up points with his team, but this will be a fight for the Giants front 7 to win. They will take advantage of a weakened O-Line and keep the Saints in check enough to win. Giants 27, Saints 23, 8-5

Week 15: @ Falcons The Falcons will be unable to rely on their defense in this game, as either Hakeem Nicks or Victor Cruz will be covered by a non-starter cornerback, which mean serious trouble for Atlanta. However, Atlanta has a reliable offense that will manage to stay ahead of the the Giants offense. Falcons 37, Giants 34, 8-6

Week 16: @ Ravens The Ravens are a powerhouse team and playing at home will be an advantage. The Giants have a defense that can slow down Ray Rice, but the Ravens defense is more solid throughout and will come up with the win. Ravens 21, Giants 14, 8-7

Week 17: vs Eagles The Giants will have lost their hold on division leader and have fallen to third place. They are in a bad position against a great team. The Giants will have to win this game and hope that the Cowboys lose theirs if they want a chance at the playoffs. Nothing will go well for them however, as the Cowboys win and the Giants lose and miss out on the playoffs. The Eagles and Cowboys will be in the postseason. Eagles 24, Giants 21, 8-8

The Giants will finish 8-8 and miss out on the playoffs. They will have prime control over the NFC east and fall apart later on as the schedule is too much for them to handle. Please comment and watch out for season outlooks for the Eagles and Redskins, as well as a more in-depth one for the Cowboys next week.

True Blue forever!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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