Jason Garrett's Play-Calling Ineptitude

After three games into the NFL season, one thing is obnoxiously apparent and that is Jason Garrett's play-calling ineptitude. One of the big reasons Tony Romo has struggled this season is due to Jason's Garrett's inability to put Tony in propitious situations. The Cowboys first down play-calling is grossly predictable which has led to Tony being in 2nd and longs for the majority of the game. I understand the importance of having a balance attacked and the benefits of being committed to the run throughout the game, but I believe there comes a point where the cost of an unsuccessful run outweighs the benefit of committing to the run.

We all know that there are alternatives to the run, such as quick hitches that are just as safe as the run, produce the same results, and also has the potential of a greater return. Integrating some west coast type routes will also benefit Romo's chemistry with his receivers early in the game and we need to get the ball to our playmakers as much as possible anyway. This doesn't mean that we should not have a balanced attack, I'm not suggesting we follow the Philly or Baltimore early season game plans, I am just emphasizing the need for more variety in regards to our first down play-calling.

Suggesting Jason Garrett is inept when it comes to play-calling might sound like a hyperbole, but I believe it is justified. Although Romo had a great game against the Giants, do you really believe 24 points would have been enough to beat the Giants last year if we had the same defense? I don't. Which shows us, even though most of us already know, that our defense has been our savior and will continue to be so as long as our offensive game plans and calling remains germane. I mean think about it, if it wasn't for our Rob Ryan led defense we are more than likely sitting at 0-3 right now. Scary, I know.

Where is the creativity Jason!? Why can't we get the ball to Dez Bryant? Why isn't DeMarco Murray more involved in the passing attack? It's the offensive coordinators job to design plays for the team's playmakers, a job responsibility that Garrett has not been successfully fulfilling in the early parts of the season. All of this leads me to the conclusion that one of Jason Garrett's greatest assets, his intelligence, is also one of his greatest weaknesses. Jason Garrett is intelligent, he's not creative. There is not a de facto parallel relationship between intelligence and creativity in regards to designing plays and calling them during the game. This is becoming obnoxiously apparent with every game that our offense continues to struggle. Moreover, the little success that the Cowboys offense has had has came from Tony's play-making ability, not Garrett's play-calling ability, -1 for Garrett again.

Another reality to consider is Tony Romo's progression as an NFL quarterback or lack thereof. Let me finish - Tony Romo has an elite quarterbacks skill set; the numbers will tell you that, Aikman and Staubach will tell you that, and any truly competent fan of football will tell you that. So why isn't he up there with Brady, Rodgers, and Brees yet?

I believe the answer is Jason Garrett. Let's look at the situation in New Orleans, the Saints are sitting at 0-3 and Brees has noticeably been struggling. The impact that Sean Peyton has on Drew Brees is now glaringly obvious. Well what do you know, coaching does make a difference. To continue, Romo is 32 years old, he should know this offense like the back of his hand, which I believe he does, so why is Jason Garrett still calling the plays? The elites of this league are consistently reading defenses, making adjustments at the line of scrimmage, and taking the big shots down the field when they get in range. We see this from Romo sometimes, but not consistently. If you follow Romo, then you know it's not because of his lack or preparation or willingness to learn the game, thus by default we aren't seeing this from Romo on a consistent basis because of the one who has been in charge of his progression... Jason Garrett.

Can the Cowboys have a successful season? Of course and I believe they will, personally I have them winning the division. But also believe that as long Jason Garrett's play-calling and offensive game plans remain the same then the amount of games the Cowboys win this season and in the playoffs assuming they make them will depend on the defense and Romo's play-making ability. Because from what I've seen thus far, I know that it definitely won't be because of the advantage that Jason Garrett's offensive game plans and play-calling will give them.

...Thank God that defense wins championships.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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