Tale of Two Lines.....Which QB Had it Better

With the football season almost arrived, I had a thought that I'm not sure had been touched on in prior posts. Now bear with me while I attempt to take a different angle on this overdone argument that might give a little more depth to our collective understanding of this problem that we have regarding the talent level on the line. Carry on thru the jump if you'd like to see me struggle with some numbers that I've dug up.

Troy Aikman. The name just sends fond memories of 3 super bowls held aloft in his playing days. Forever is he linked to the success of that former dynasty that has fallen into disarray and hard times of late. Often touted as one of the most accurrate QB's of all time, many remember him being able to stand calmly in the pocket formed by a dominating offensive line. Shredding opposing defense at will. Short long it didn't matter as often it seemed like he could do as he pleased and he often times had plenty of time to do it.

The offensive line at the time made up of a hodge podge of UDFA's and early draft picks (but not a single 1st rounder) helped make him look good doing what he did best. Keeping him upright was not one of them tho.

While the line didn't surrender as many sacks as our current incarnation, would you believe that Aikman's sack rate is almost identical to Tony's?

From 1989-2000 here are Troy's numbers

att comp pct yards avg td ints sacks/yards rate

2,898 4,715 61.5 32,942 7.0 165 141 259 1,748 81.6

For comparison here are Tony's numbers from 2006-2011

att comp pct yards avg td int sacks/yards rate

1,672 2,592 64.5 20,834 8.0 149 72 142 887 96.9

Doing a little simple math actually left me a little surprised at the results. Dividing attempts by sacks yields the sack per attempt average. Just another number to gum up the mental works in non hard drive mental driven midgets like me, but still something to chew on.

If Aikman's offensive line was so good, and his running game took pressure off of them to perform better than average in pass protection, then why is his sack per attempt of 18.02 just a smidgen better than Tony's current sack rate of 18.25?

Does this number give further credence to the escapability of Romo compared to Aikman? I went into this thinking that Troy's lifetime number would be substantially less than Tony's. That the emphasis on the passing game and the athletic ability of current defenses geared toward stopping the pass would further push the numbers in favor of Troy.

Maybe I am kicking a dead horse a little bit but this is an attempt to take a different angle on the current situation that confronts our team as far as this unit goes. We have another hodge podge of UDFA's, late round, midround, and even a 1st round pick for the first time in 30 years. To those doing a little math thats 10 more years than Jerry has owned the team so just blaming him for not using high rounders on the offensive line is ridiculous. Guess it wasn't so important to Gil Brandt or Tom Landry the first part of that 30 years either.

I think that JG is building the team the right way. Not just for today, or tomorrow, but for next year, and the year after that as well. Tho our team may struggle at times, life wasn't a bed of roses for those early ninety teams either. They had to prove themselves to the fans who were sick of losing, who hadn't tasted a Super Bowl in over 12 years. Fans who had to watch time and time again another team take that extra step towards eternal glory.

May our path begin tomorrow.


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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