Cowboys Season, Prop Bet... And NFL Predictions

Can you blame her?

Welcome to the predictions post. Last season, I attempted to predict a Cowboys record based on a game by game look at the season schedule. I looked past flaws I admitted to, and saw the possibilities for Dallas to end the season at 11-5 and winners of the NFC East. Of course, things didn't turn out exactly as I had planned them; but as a man that believes in accountability in a sea of prognosticators that never look back, here is the link to my inaccuracies.

Ah well, at least I swept the "four teams we're clearly better than" even though we weren't in actuality.

So what about this season? I've already gone on record for three of our eight road games via the SB Nation video series. You can re-watch that at the end of this article (Thanks, by the way, for helping to take my Cowboys series to the top of the viewed list for all SBN NFL blogs).

I believed that the Cowboys would win this game, and I'm not straying from that. There's plenty of focus on the Cowboys injury situation without much word about the Giants make-shift secondary or their vaunted defensive line missing a good chunk of their rotation.

As for the rest of the season, follow the jump to see how myself and the rest of the BTB staff sees the season panning out; for the Cowboys and the NFL playoffs. We couldn't resist.

KD O.C.C. Rabble Archie Brandon Coty Tom
Cowboys Record: 9-7 11-5 10-6 10-6 10-6 13-3 10-6
NFC East Champ: Eagles Cowboys Philly Eagles Cowboys Cowboys Eagles
NFC 1 Seed: 49ers Packers Green Bay Packers Packers Cowboys Chicago
2 Seed: Packers 49ers Philly Eagles 49ers Packers San Fran
3 Seed: Eagles Cowboys Atlanta Falcons Cowboys Seahawks Eagles
4 Seed: Falcons Falcons San Fran 49ers Falcons Panthers Panthers
5 Seed: Bears Bears Carolina Bears Giants Eagles Cowboys
6 Seed: Cowboys Eagles Dallas Cowboys Panthers Redskins Seahawks
NFC WC 1: Cowboys over Eagles Cowboys over Eagles Dallas over Atlanta Cowboys over Falcons Cowboys over Panthers Redskins over Seahawks Cowboys over Panthers
NFC WC 2: Bears over Falcons Bears over Falcons San Fran over Carolina Bears over 49ers Falcons over Giants Panthers over Eagles Eagles over Seahawks
NFC DIV 1: 49ers over Cowboys Bears over Packers Green Bay over Dallas Packers over Cowboys Packers over Falcons Cowboys over Redskins Cowboys over San Fran
NFC DIV 2: Bears over Packers Cowboys over 49ers Philly over San Fran Eagles over Bears Cowboys over 49er Packers over Panthers Eagles over Seahawks
NFC Champ Game: 49ers over Bears Bears over Cowboys Green Bay over Philly Packers over Eagles Packers over Cowboys Cowboys over Packers Cowboys over Eagles
AFC Champion: Texans (12-4) Texans (11-5) Denver (11-5) Patriots (11-5) Broncos (12-4) Patriots (11-5) Patriots (12-4)
SuperBowl: 49ers over Texans Texans over Bears Green Bay over Denver Patriots over Packers Broncos over Packers Cowboys over Patriots Cowboys over Patriots


Annually, posts a series of player achievement prop bets for each of the 32 NFL teams. Last season, I was derailed by injuries, but I fight on! Here's a look at the 2012 versions and what I think will happen.

Tony Romo - Total Passing Yards

Over/Under 4100

Last season I said this question was really whether or not you thought Romo would start at least 15 games. That's pretty much what he played when you throw out the second Eagles contest. As the NFL worm turns, the passing game is king; take the over.

Tony Romo - Total Passing Touchdowns

Over/Under | 27.5

Another one for the passing league. Romo has only passed this total twice in his career; last season and 2007. Unfortunately Romo will need all of his stars for this to happen with the improved running game via DeMarco Murray. I think Romo falls just under this total; 27.

Tony Romo - Total Interceptions

Over/Under | 12.5

Romo will protect the ball. Book it.

DeMarco Murray - Total Rushing Yards

Over/Under | 1050

Next year at this time, you'll be debating if Murray is a Top 5 fantasy back. Big numbers for the former Sooner. 1200 yards, missing two games!

DeMarco Murray - Total Rushing Touchdowns

Over/Under | 7

Over again. Murray is the real deal and will only be derailed by the bug.

Dez Bryant - Total Receiving Yards

Over/Under | 1000

Breakout year for Dez. Receivers in their third year... you know the drill. Everyone has heard the reports of how Dez outclassed the entire team in training camp and then saw the sick one hand in the preseason game. No suspension, no problems. Over.

Dez Bryant - Total Receiving Touchdowns

Over/Under | 8.5

You read what I said; don't ask no stupid questions!

Miles Austin - Total Receiving Yards

Over/Under | 950.5

Sorry Miles, I'm scared of your hammies. I think Miles plays in 12 games and I just can't see him gaining 1000 yards in 12 games. I'm looking for two receivers to step up and get 500-700 yards each.

Miles Austin - Total Receiving Touchdowns

Over/Under | 7.5

Again, injury concerns and diversity in the passing attack has me down on Smiles.

DeMarcus Ware - Total Sacks

Over/Under 14.5

Why don't they just rename this prop, do you think Ware is playing more than 12 games. Over.

Morris Claiborne - Total Interceptions

Over/Under | 2.5

Pick Six... rookie CB struggles... hmmm.... toughest one of the night... Over!


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