Mom, can I have more Ogletree please?

C'mon, you all heard the voice in your head.

Just one day removed from a stunning upset excellent victory over the New York Giants, spirits are still running high- I know for a fact that mine are. Fantasy waiver wires across the web are buzzing with Ogletree pickups, and even some talking heads on ESPN and the NFL network are giving Tony Romo credit for not being horrible, non clutch, and an ineffective leader. We never want to jump to conclusions after one game, but as fans that's what many of us do, so let's all take the jump together, because there are some good ones to be made.

Conclusion 1. Kevin Ogletree may not be as horrible as we all thought.

Admit it, there isn't a one of us who thought that the clutch play of one underachieving Kevin Ogletree would ever win us a game. I certainly didn't, and am a bit in awe of the fact that I am currently saying it, but if you look at his play in this game and say anything other than "the man stepped up and played some ball" then you, sir or madame, are woefully incorrect. Will he blow up every week? No. Does it look like we have another player whose number we can call in pressure situations now? Absolutely. Going into the season, we all endlessly ripped on the man, and let me be the first to offer my apologies. Welcome to the Cowboys Kevin, nice to finally see ya show up. More impressive than his stat line in my eyes, were the clutch third down conversions. In the past, these were the types of balls he just wouldn't come down with, and he came down with all of them on Wednesday. His most impressive play of the game may have been not even been a catch. That batted ball in the end zone was a very intelligent football decision. He knew the ball was behind him and there was no way to catch it, and the corner could get to it, so he made the smart decision and saved a possible interception. These are the things that earn your quarterback's trust, and to see the lights come on was an encouraging thing to watch.

To my amateur eye, coverage typically rolled to wherever Dez was. If there was safety help to be given, it seemed that the Giants were more scared of Dez (and rightfully so) than anyone else on the field. If someone is getting doubled, that means that someone else is going to get some open looks and you have to capitalize, and it is comforting to know that we might have some guys to fill that role. Austin's TD pass, despite being an excellent move on a not so excellent corner, was probably there for the taking because that secondary just didn't know who to cover- they could get burned by any of the guys out running routes. What a problem to have.

Conclusion 2. Our defense has gotten better. Much better.

Gone are the days of Terrance Newman getting hurdled by 320 lb fullbacks. Gone are the days of ineffective secondary play. Gone are the days of slow inside linebackers. Collective jump for joy? Lets. Second bad jump pun of the day? Well, if it isn't broken...

Now that we have that out of our system, we can continue to salivate over the possibilities our new look defense presents us. That fifty million we spent on Carr is already beginning to pay dividends, because the guy can play. All game long I couldn't help but crack a wicked little smile every time he jammed a receiver at the line, because it was obvious he was getting to them. Our rookie didn't look too bad in his first action either, and that is a promising sign because teams will test him all season long. Yes, Carr badly mistimed a jump, and we were on the right end of several drops (mostly from Victor Cruz), and we also got beat deep on one we probably shouldn't have. In today's league, you're going to get beat eventually, but the unit we rolled out in our first game this season and the unit we had throughout all of last season are two completely different animals. If that doesn't get your motor running, I don't know what will.

Perhaps the most encouraging was the physical nature of our brand of play, something I think we all thought was lacking in years past. From the line all the way back to the secondary, we were seeking contact, and it was working. Instead of just going for the tackle, guys were trying to strip the ball. Instead of just trying to make a play on the ball, our secondary wanted to come down with it. This is a defense that has the capability of generating some turnovers, something that our defense hasn't been great at in what seems like far, far too long.

Conclusion 3. DeMarco Murray is not human. He is the offspring of a werewolf and an angry dragon. He will devour your intestines and feast on your soul.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have us a running back. A fullback too, but definitely a running back. Our much maligned offensive line assisted the weredragon in going for 130 on 20 carries. A good chunk of that was pure effort on the part of DeMarco, but our yuglies deserve their share of the credit too. That being said, I think we can all taste our collective foots after questioning this pick. Murray is the real deal, and if he stays healthy, we are in for some fireworks. There really isn't anything more to be said, just sit back and enjoy the show.

and lastly,

Conclusion 4 Our Oline still isn't great, but can get the job done. Also, Cook might be a player

Against what is probably the best defensive front in football, we managed to not get Romo killed, and run the ball well- put that one in the win column by itself. Romo is always going to make them look better than they are, but given time this unit has a chance to be better than last year, and that may be good enough to win. Is there a bit too much of Romo pirouetting (can't believe I spelled that one right on the first try) around in the pocket? Yes, but it's the Giants, and they're pretty good at getting to the quarterback. Time will tell, as the jury is still out on this one, but we can't be worse than last year right?

A big high five should also be given to Cook, our most recent 7th round trade. Pressed into action with almost no practice, he seemed to hold up pretty well. I'm not going to call for Costa's head, but if one of our resident scouts could give their opinion on the matter, I think we would all appreciate it. To me, it looked like he held up pretty well, which was a pleasant surprise given his lack of practice. A 7th round steal, let's hope so.

Enjoy your kool aid today BTB, we've earned it. Happy victory day!


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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