Reflections from Section 339 of Met Life Stadium

Thought I'd compile a post full of notes about the game against the Giants from the perspective of being in the stadium. A lot of these notes have to do with the secondary play since I tend to watch that the most when I go to games as it's a treat to see what the TV cameras rarely show.

- I LOVE going to road games. Everyone in a Cowboys jersey is your best friend. I must have high-fived half the Cowboys fans in New York city that night

- An Eagles fried of mine warned me about Giants fans, said he saw lots of fights when he was there. Honestly, the Giants fans could not have been better. Despite my obvious passion for the Cowboys I only got a few comments here and there from the guys seated around me; nothing offensive or heated. I got into a few good conversations with Giants fans in the concession lines, they were good people. So all-in-all I left with a positive impression of the Giants fans.

- The biggest thing that stood out to me about the game was how insanely good the coverage was. There were many times I couldn't tell which corner was Carr and which was Claiborne. When you're a rookie in his 1st NFL game against the Superbowl champions and I struggle to pick you out from the $50 million 5 year vet - that is very very good.

- The Cowboys did give Claiborne a good deal of safety support early. They showed 2-deep a lot during the game with 1 safety far outside the hash marks to Claiborne's side, not even pretending to be doing anything else.

- I can't overstate that the coverage in this game is a huge huge thing. There were many plays where Eli had time and was going through 3-4 progressions and he literally had no where to go. The Giants would send 3 guys out in pattern and no one would ever get open. Eli wasn't missing open guys, there was just literally no where to go at any point in the play.

- I'm still concerned about Church's range, on his pass breakups he was cheating very strongly to that side. He's definitely not a center-field cover-1 guy that can run sideline-to-sideline.

- The first Ware sack where he and Sensabaugh combined to down a retreating Eli Manning was probobly the play of the game. The Giants were putting together a good drive and looked like they could take the lead. They were on the fringe of field goal range with 3 downs to move the ball on that snap, the momentum was really swinging in the Giants' favor. The sack was a massive loss, it must have been at least 15 yards. I don't know what the exact yard-lines were but it seemed to flip the field from our 35 to their 40. Taking the Giants from field goal range all the way to the other side of the 50-yard line was massive. Anyone want to say something about how Ware doesn't make big plays?

- The sack was the play that really turned the crowd silent. The atmosphere was rocking the whole first quarter then everyone went real quiet after the big sack. They got their hopes up on the next series with the INT only to get crushed by the goal-line stand. After that the crowd was never more into it than they were in the 1st quarter.

- I thought that the Demarco Murray 45 yard run was one of the most amazing offensive plays I've seen in-person in my life. Then I saw the Miles Austin TD on 1st and 30. Wow, what talent this team has. Seriously.

- "The defensive line is a strength of the team" - Jerry Jones. We laughed at this back in the spring but in that game it was dominant. Eli Manning wasn't necessarily under siege but the line of scrimmage was always getting pushed in the right direction. In the pass game their line was going backwards and in the run game we were creating pile-ups like cars in a massive traffic accident.

- Josh Brent and Sean Lissimore are such 7th round steals. I don't know how the nose tackle snaps were distributed between them but the middle of the field was constantly clogged. 7th rounders are supposed to be guys like Caleb McSurdy who are useless and get cut, not guys who can make you forget about Jay Ratliff!

- Romo actually did not seem to go through his progressions much at all. I was amazed at how on many plays Romo would just stare 1 guy down, usually Ogletree. On some of those 7-yard Ogletree slants Dez was wide open on the other side of the field for 20 yards. I think that sounds more like a complaint than it really is - the main thing I want to point out is that everyone was getting open. Ogletree was getting the ball because it was the easiest, but Romo could have easily fed Dez or Miles that night. I also found it interesting that Romo seemed to decide exactly where he was going to go with the ball before the snap many times, hence him staring down 1 guy.

- The Giants linebackers do an extremely good job of getting deep in their drops. I'm used to seeing linebackers get like 7 yards deep, these guys were going 10 yards deep and it was uniform and consistent among the 3 backers. I think you're going to see more INTs from that group over the season.

- I think it says something nice about race relations in our society that I finished the night at a Manhattan bar at 2am chatting to a black guy in a Sean Lee jersey with myself, a white guy, in a DeMarcus Ware jersey. Just kinda cool how we pick our favorite players for who they are as a person rather than how similar they look to us.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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