Apologies and Acknowledgements



Yup, I was wrong. I loved using the Cowboys roster builder to cut Kevin Ogletree. In fact he was the first person I cut everytime followed directly by Stephen McGee. It felt so good, and made me so happy. No more wasting roster spots on projects that aren't going to develop.

OOPS. I'm not even going to qualify how wrong I was by saying no one saw this coming. I feel like this game was to show haters like me how wrong I've/we've been about Ogletree. That was a man's game, in a tough environment sending a statement to everyone. Don't buy that Kevin's performance was mostly done by Romo, he juked the crap out of the Giants Corey Webster. Not to say Romo wasn't amazing because he was but Ogletree really, really showed up big. He even made the game winning catch and held onto the ball for dear life in what turned out to clench the game.

Everyone has already talked about his smooth route running, hitting his spots perfectly, positioning his body correctly, saving the INT. Not very many people are talking about the heart he showed out there. He got completely blasted by the giants on a few of his catches and he popped right back up. You think that didn't inspire some of the more established guys? Here is a dude that as little as 4 maybe 5 weeks ago most people were wondering if he wasn't just a camp body.

I even wrote some sarcastic responses in the game thread about the chances of Ogletree and Bennett being the leaders in receptions for their teams seeming impossible. Last year I bet you could have hustled most of us Cowboy fans out of 10,000 to 1 odds on that happening.

This leads to the main purpose of my fanpost (Not a fanshot bigham!) today. I need to apologize for my reactions in the game threads. I didn't follow our language guidelines and got a little too hotheaded about things. I really feel bad if anyone was offended and I know I've been pretty on edge on certain things recently. I'll make sure to not attack people or tell people to eff themselves. I feel like Tron I should have done better but at least we still won.

I do want to make a couple more points though:

#1 Be patient (Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will our oline be)

#2 Cut the young guys some slack (Smith, Claiborne, Church are all playing their first professional games at their positions set your expectations accordingly)

#3 Stop with the negativity (no one likes a negative Nacey, your comments about us going to lose look really dumb after we gut out the win)

#4 Enjoy the good (we should have 10 times as many comments for DeMarcus Ware's 100th sack than we had, go crazy when we score)

#5 Remember the process (we'll all stack good days on top of each other to become great just like our team)

In closing I'm sorry and I'll try to make my comments be more helpful than hurtful in the future gameday threads and hope eveyone does the same. Oh yeah


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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