Isn't it ALL about the Superbowl in Dallas?

I'm glad I l put a couple of days between the loss Sunday night and this post. If I'd have written one Sunday it would have probably been filled with all sorts of dire predictions and venting. But, after letting things settle a bit and also learning that Tony Romo was actually playing with broken ribs - AGAIN - I chilled out. So, knowing full and well that only Superbowls will do in Dallas, here are a few things to chew on until next season....(number one has a teensy bit of venom but also probably holds a tad of truth as well and it means something in the big picture so bear with me here).

1. The REAL steal in the draft was Andrew Luck not Robert Griffin. Sure Griffin was splashy this season and captured the imagination of the league, but honestly how much different is he from Michael Vick? My prediction is that he will have an injury plagued career similar to Vick or coaches will try and make him a pocket passer because of injury ala Randall Cunningham, regardless, we've all been down this road before.

Why does that matter???

2. Dallas started a rebuilding project two years ago. They have had a couple of pretty good drafts and snagged some really good players. Just not enough of them. Keep doing what your doing in the draft. The fact that Tony Romo has played with a punctured lung, broken ribs, broken collar bone, broken fingers, etc etc etc tells me that....

3. Dallas needs to continue the rebuild and focus on keeping Romo standing and healthy. What would the offense look like if Romo could breath and exhale for 3 to 4 seconds instead of the 1.3 he has now and has had the past 7 years?? Get that offensive offensive line up to speed. It's gonna take some new players not a bunch of "coaching up" in my humble opinion.

4. What are the chances that the entire defense will be injured before the 10th game in seasons to come? Keep trying to draft the next Ware (yeah, right - but always try, right?) keep upgrading the backups, etc. My point, we just may have a formidable defense next year. For real. I mean, look who was actually playing defense for us in that last game and we STILL could have pulled it off. But it would have looked ugly in the playoffs. Let's be honest about it. Whether Romo fails in the last game or in the playoffs, the monkey would still firmly be on his back whether we make the playoffs or not. Right? Only Superbowl fixes that problem and even then probably only a Superbowl win. So, we move on....

5. Pull off a trade here and there. See what you can get for Felix. See what the market is for Miles Austin. Look, I love Miles but how many important games do we have to watch him on the sideline with a hammy, an ankle or some other vulnerable part of his body wrapped in a bandage? He would probably pull in some nice treasure. And then what?.....

6. Spend some money or a draft pick on another stud receiver. Cant have enough of those. Hey, I can dream a little in my post here, right? Man, would I have loved to have had Laurent Robinson catching passes this year and next. Gotta get those players when you can.

7. I like the idea of hiring an offensive coordinator. Can't be a bad thing. Just get a good one.

So, there are a few ideas. Watching that last game, I saw a team that was just flat undermanned and quite possibly out coached. I mean, we win and Garret and Ryan are geniuses. That's what winning does. I am not buying into the Redskins or Griffin 3. Will they win games? Yes, they have a good coach but are they better than our 'boys? I'd venture to say no when we are healthy and I do like what our QB could possibly be with a stud line in front of him and a new receiver to go with Bryant. Manning and the Giants are what they are - let's face it, folks, they got some extremely lucky bounces in their 2 SuperBowl runs - just sayin'. Will lightening strike 3 times for them? We'll see. I like our chances. The Eagles. Well, the Eagles are the Eagles. We just need to win any final season games with them in the future.

I know I am missing stuff, but this is a start. Dallas wasn't winning any Superbowls this year anyway. This fan has always had his eye towards this upcoming season to see if this thing starts to fall into place.

Go Cowboys!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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