Dallas Cowboys.. A Failed Strategy

The biggest problem is the Cowboys do everything in their power to heap as much pressure on Romo as possible. He is forced to run for his life every game while throwing nearly 40 passes a game. It's a failed strategy that doesn't work anywhere in the league but in Dallas it's business as usual.

Look at the following comparisons of Passing Attempts in Win or Go Home Games.

1) Loss >> 2007 NY Giants 17-21>>Passing Attempts - Manning 18..Romo 36

2) Loss >> 2008 Eagles 6-44>>Passing Attempts -McNabb 21 - Romo 39

3) Win >> 2009 Eagles 34-14>>Passing Attempts -McNabb 37 - Romo 35

4) Loss >>2009 Vikings 13-34>>Passing Attempts -Favre 24 - Romo 35

5) Loss >> 2011 Giants 14-31>>Passing Attempts -Manning 33 - Romo 37

6) Loss >> 2006 Seattle 20-21>>

7) Loss >> 2012 Washington>>Passing Attempts -RGIII 18 - Romo 37

Does something jump out at you? I mean other than the only year the Cowboys haven't faced a win or go home game is 2010. That year Romo was injured and missed the last 11 games of the season?

Look at the opponents attempts and notice the disparity. They don't put the game on their QB to win or die. They seem to think defense and a running game matter. Nearly 40 attempts a game and in his career Romo is 1-16 when he throws the ball 40 times. League wide only 12% of the time does a team with a QB throwing 40 passes win. The Cowboys are stuck in neutral and until someone pays attention to how this defense is getting run, the Oline can't block and we seem fine with one RB who misses half the season, it will never change. It's so much more fun to pile it on Romo and watch him, due to a failed strategy, fail.

Still not a believer?

The New England Tom Brady, have one of the all time best QB's in the League. This season they are 11-5 and are the number two seed in the AFC. In games where Brady threw under 40 passes, they were 9-0. In games where he threw 40 or more they were 2-4. In those two losses Brady threw 38 and 39 passes. In the wins Brady averaged 31 passes per game. Brady can't do it but the Cowboys expect Romo to do it?

The Bottom Line: Dallas averaged 36.8 attempts a game in their win or go home games while their opponents averaged 25. Most people, including paid analyst, don't seem to notice the team with the least passing attempts wins the vast majority of game.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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