BTB EtErNal Thread #3 I can finally relax now that there are no NFC East teams in the playoffs!!

We kind of dropped the ball on this one so I decided to bring it back. I think we all agree that BTB isn't a place for JUST stats and X's/O's, But that it also isn't a place to just shoot the breeze and make wise cracks. 'Eternals' are a magical place where we can talk about anything, frivolous or deep (like 'What exactly is a wise crack, and how would one define who's crack is the wisest?').

Rule #1 - Don't be That Guy

- THIS is most important. Don't ruin someone else's fun...I mean just don't do that.

Rule #2 - All Pictures and .Gifs Must Have Subject Lines

-Some people are slackers and we go on Blogging the Boys during class because having your English teacher explain how to write persuasively kind of loses it's luster after a couple years. Some people even come here while they're supposed to be working (TIME THIEF!). So, for these people we must require you to put a subject line on all pictures, especially pictures of half naked women.

- No nudity. That means no pictures of nipples, vaginas, anuses or penises.

- Limit your gifs (less than 3 per user), I love gifs as much as the next guy but they have a tendency to slow down my computer.

- Please check where the picture or gif came from. No one wants to get a virus, worm or trojan on their computer. Just remember that some people cannot afford to replace a computer every year.

Rule #3 - Be cool, man. No temper tantrums. No "threadbombing."

-No need to lose your head. This is the internet, don't take these arguments seriously. If someone hurts your feelings, let it go or go outside for a walk. There's no need to make yourself look like a tool by ruining a thread.

Outside of these, of course, as I have no dispensation from the bosses, normal site decorum is in effect.

This thread is meant to be a place for all the folks of our blog to get to know one another, and basically act as the "teacher's lounge" of our great website.

Please remember to REC this post so that it stays on the front page, until the new thread at which point I kindly ask you to unREC this one and REC the new one. ANYONE can create a new Eternal once the other one has had a chance to fully 'run it's course.'

P.s... For those who are new to some of this a good thread often has pics and .gifs. If you want to know how to do this, just good a pic or gif 'copy' it then click the little tree looking icon in above your comment and paste it in there. Be sure to preview it, until you get the hang of it before posting.

Happy Playoffs Boys/Gals

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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