2013 NFL Draft Prospect: Chance Warmack



Chance Warmack, has been the driving force for the vaunted Alabama run game the past 3 years blocking for greats such as Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson. At 6-3 and 320 lbs, Warmack uses pure power and strength to open up holes in the running game and has a great anchor to control defensive linemen in pass protection, always looking to hit anyone.

Warmack is great at the point of attack and plays with a nasty attitude. Warmack's appeal is his run blocking, leading the Crimson Tide to average 224.6 rushing yards per game and 439.1 total yards per game this year. Warmack plays straight up, he is a good athlete but has trouble pulling in the run game. Quicker linemen can sometimes beat him off the snap and he can get a little top heavy and lose his balance.

He really opened eyes in the SEC Championship game where he took on a very talented Georgia defense. Going against other first round prospects Johnathan Jenkins, Jarvis Jones, and Alec Ogletree, he paved the way to a SEC Championship record 350 rushing yards. Warmack was solid in pass protection, allowing only 3.5 sacks in 287 pass attempts this year, which is outstanding with all the elite pass rushers Warmack faced week in and week out. He had the luxury of playing next to Barrett Jones, who helped with double teams a bit in pass protection.

Warmack's talents were on full display against Notre Dame in this years National Championship game, he was physical and smart from start to finish. He blocked for 529 total yards and 265 rushing yards against an impressive Notre Dame front seven. Warmack was constantly getting to the second level (going for Te'o in particular) for the running game. Warmack was great in pass protection, constantly giving McCarron a clean pocket, allowing him to go 20/28 for 264 yards, 4 touchdowns and 0 interceptions.

Chance Warmack vs LSU 2012 (via JPDraftJedi) (Warmack is #65 and is playing left guard)

I believe this years LSU game is perfect in showing the strengths and weaknesses of Warmack going against elite, quick and explosive defensive linemen.

At marks :12, :24, and 1:02 you can see very good one on one pass protection.

At mark 1:09 Warmack is slow off the snap and complete misses his block on number 19 Bennie Logan.

At mark 2:17 you can see doing a great job pulling in pass protection, also at mark 3:00 Warmack again does a good job pulling on the run this time.

At mark 4:34 Warmack goes out for the screen and does a decent job blocking his man.

At mark 6:20 Warmack again does a great job against #99 Montgomery in pass protection.

Warmack has made 39 career starts, all at left guard. Warmack has made strides every year, having his best year this year leading the team in pancake blocks with 37. As a senior this year Warmack was a unanimous First Team All-American and First Team All-SEC. Mentally, Warmack was as sound as you can get, missing only 7 assignments in 728 snaps this year. The stat that I find most interesting is, in 728 plays, he was only penalized twice. This shows the great focus and discipline he plays with.

Currently, Warmack is the number one offensive guard in the draft. Barring a setback during the draft process, Warmack is projected to go in the 1st round and is expected to go somewhere in the teens. The team that drafts Warmack can expect a smooth transition from college to the pros and will get a bulldozer in the run game. He will need to be coached up more on his footwork. The player that Warmack best compares to would be Mike Iupati of the San Francisco 49ers. Overall, Warmack is a great offensive guard prospect, one of the best to come out in years.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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