My Mock Draft 1.0

I had a certain Mock Draft in place before the Rob Ryan firing and now I had to change it. They are interviewing a 72 year old (correct me if I'm wrong) Kiffen. I was hoping we would get Horton or at least Lovie Smith. But Scheme wise, I believe Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett is switching to 4-3 and Kiffen for one I think is a good fit. He is a great DC and I wonder if he will bring back the doomsday D. But that is all just wonders and reports. Nothing is official yet.

Assuming Dallas Cowboys new defensive mastermind is Kiffen, I still got the same approach that will help the team. I think the corners can play cover 2 as Carr did in KC and Claiborne did at LSU. The real question is "Can the Safeties play the tamp 2 defense?" I think that will lead to a problem but I don't think this is a strong class for safeties. I am pretty new to a 4-3 scheme but I believe (if we switch to a 4-3) we will let Spencer walk and draft a DE to play opposite of Ware. We would also need a OLB for that defense. Maybe a new DT as well. (please help me out if something is wrong here) So here we go here is my mock draft 1.0:

1st Round of the 2013 draft 18th overall should be G Chance Warmack

We still need defense players but how long are we going to ignore the offensive line? Warmack should be a top ten pick but he may fall because guards are sliding because guards do not usually go high. Warmack is a guard that the Cowboys desperately need. With Mack allowing sick sacks and a cap casualty, he should be let go as well as Dockery. We would still need a T and a Center but lets see what Costa and Parnell have in them. But it would help the line getting Warmack and would give Romo some more time.

Plan B: Barkevious Mingo

2nd Round Alex Okafor DE

Whether he lasts to our 2nd round pick or not this can fit the new 4-3 scheme. He can play opposite of Ware and be a good DE. With this being said we already fix or attempted to fix both lines with Warmack and Okafor.

Plan B: Dallas Thomas, G/OT

3rd Round Khaseem Greene OLB/S

This one is interesting. He played Safety and made a transition to an OLB that would be a good fit for a 4-3 OLB. He batted down 5 balls and had two intereceptions as a OLB. This would be a good pick that would give us a good starter (hopefull)

Plan B: Jesse Williams DT

4th Round: Travis Frederick C/G

This is more of a depth thing. He could develop to be a good center or guard. He is versatile and will help the the depth and loss of Dockery and Mack (assuming they are gone)

Plan B: Lane Johnson OT

5th Round Derek Carr QB

This guy completed 68% of his classes and threw for 3,700 yards and 36 TDs and 5 INT. Romo and Orton can groom this QB for the future.

6th Round Theo Reddick RB

This guy from Notre Dame would be a good rotational back since we are losing Felix Jones. Theo can be a good threat out of the backfield. He would be a good 6th round pick and it will be a good developing player.

Since we traded our 7th Rounder to Ryan Cook that is my Mock draft. The reason I have no secondary players is because we already have some in Carr, Claiborne, Scanderick, Moore, Coe, Johnson, Church, Sensi, Peprah. This draft would help the o-line with the Warmack and Fedrick. We would have at least a OLB for the 4-3 and a DE opposite of Ware. WE got some depth behind Murray and a grooming QB. WE still have holes but at least this would help most of the holes. what do you BTB'ers think?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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