If the Cowboys hire Monte Kiffin as DC, what chance is there of both Demarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer playing DE?

Both Ware and Spencer played DE in college. Ware is currently listed as 6-4, 254, but his combine number was 6-4 and 262. Given the greater wear and tear playing 4-3 DE, Ware is likely going to need to add a few pounds back on his frame.

Spencer is currently listed as 6-3, 250, which is also too light for a 4-3 DE. But at Purdue, Spencer weighed in at 261. If he wanted to stay in Dallas, play on the line, and rush the passer all the time, he could likely bulk up as well.

The reason I mention this is because Ware and Spencer are by far the best pass rushers on the team. Spencer finally reached double-digit sacks this season, and he did it while not rushing the passer a lot of the time. If he rushed full-time, could he be counted on double-digit sacks for another few years?

Outside of these two, the only other guy who has generated any pass rush the last couple of years is Jason Hatcher. Jay Ratliff hasn't generated any significant pressure in years. Perhaps he could as a DT in a 4-3, coming off a season in which he barely played. But we'd have to see it again to believe it. Tyrone Crawford (6-4, 285) and Ben Bass (6-5, 283) could add beef at DE if the Cowboys go in this direction, but can either be expected to provide much pass rushing pressure? Crawford had no sacks this season in limited play, and Ben Bass lasted one game before going on IR. Lissemore, Hatcher, Ratliff and Spears are not DEs.

Everyone seems ready to let Anthony Spencer walk this offseason and to spend his money elsewhere. Maybe this is the best course. But with Spencer the most dynamic player on defense who lasted the longest, I wonder if Monte Kiffin is brought in whether Dallas will find a way to keep him around.

With no other 4-3 DE on the roster who can generate pressure (outside of Ware), if we chuck Spencer, where will we get one?

I think the Giants have shown that you can't have too many pass rushers.

The best pass rushing line for Dallas in 2013 would likely be a bulked up Spencer and Ware, with Hatcher and Ratliff inside. (I expect us to keep Ratliff one more season because we gain nothing in cap space to cut him this year.) The backups would be Crawford and Bass (or someone else) at DE, and Lissemore and Spears (or someone else) inside.

Cost will be a problem. But likely not an insurmountable one.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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