You can make all of the smart decisions and still fail...

I was going to say "right" decisions, but that would need the action to result in complete success for it to be accurate. "Smart" means the decision was measured, well thought out, and would in most cases would net success. For the record, no person or organization is correct all the time. The only way you can is to have a magic crystal ball that told you the future, and you could make all your decisions based on complete information before it's available to anyone else. Although some on this board employ the "inverse" crystal ball, where they tell you what you should have done after the fact, like they would have actually made the correct choices at the time, unlike the actual decision makers. The former is fantasy and the latter is delusional. Truly, the best approach anyone can take is to develop a "process" or methodology in their decision making. Understanding that there will always be variables, but it's always smart to create more constants by standardizing what you can...

There is a lot of debate on this board about a myriad of subjects. Some comments are researched and measured, while others are just made up flights of fancy. I myself have a list of contributing names that I place more value in while reading through the threads. It doesn't mean that I always agree with what they are saying, but I know those individuals are always fair and consistent with what they write. Lately, I've seen a smattering of off the wall opinions, where individuals are literally re-writing history. The context is so off in some of the writings that I wouldn't even know where to begin to respond. For the record, I'm of the opinion that although this team isn't where we want it to be, there is more things going right than is wrong.

I think we are solid in the following areas...areas that are most important to building and sustaining a winning program...

1) Operational Stability. To the chagrin of many, Jerry has been been around a long time and will be into the future. Contrary to what some will have you believe, he isn't temperamental, doesn't change positions at a whim, and is loyal to his people (sometimes too loyal). Jerry believes in building a consensus not unilateral decision making. With Stephen Jones having a more prominent role, the organization will continue to get more stable. You can cite some more stable teams, but not many.

2) Scouting. We have a pretty good scouting staff. We seem to draft good players when we stick to our boards, and we have been sticking to our board, lately. What gives me even more hope is our pro scouting department. These guys have really pulled together some gems from the scrap heap. With the exception of a few of our cornerstone players, we are a pretty young team.

3) Coaching. Do we have the best coaching staff in the league? Nope. There are some better, but look at the staff we have. There are really good people throughout the ranks. Some very well respected coaches with a good pedigree and credentials. Again, like operations, it is very collaborative. I sense no tension and animosity between coaches and everyone seems to work well together. The head coach just needs to get better at game (especially clock) management. I already see improvement from year one.

Communication is the key. What gives me even more hope is that Operations/Scouting/Coaching all communicate and work well together. Everybody understands their responsibility and is afforded the authority/tools to do their job. I simply know there is a "business plan" in place. I think we haven't made the next step because we are just missing a little luck. You can make all of the smart decisions and still fail...but if your plan is sound, you will eventually succeed.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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