Dallas Cowboys: Success on the Horizon in 2013?


Good Morning BTB, it has been some time since I've contributed to this glorious site. I haven't been gone per se; I continue to check this site daily for news and articles to read for my daily Cowboys fix. I got a promotion which took up a lot of my time, however I think it's safe to say I'm back.

Today, as many of you I find myself watching the playoffs, and though it is still fun, it's not the same as it could be had our beloved team made the postseason. Like many of my previous posts, I just couldn't sit idly by without giving my 2 cents on a few matters regarding the future of this franchise.

It has been a while so let me say first, I'm an optimist, always have been, always will be. However I'm not blind to flaws, or do I just agree with every decision made at Valley Ranch. After another .500 season, I'm ready to face this team in the mirror and ask why? I'm tired of mediocrity, and I know this team is as well. So, how do they fix these flaws, how do they rise in the face of criticism and prevail?

The answer is not as simple; there are so many different elements that are involved to fix it all at once. What can be done is what continues to drive my support for Jason Garrett and his process. Some are tired of that phrase, and tired of Jason Garrett, insert soap box for what I'm tired of.

  • I'm tired of the local Dallas media; ESPN Dallas continues to drive me insane about this team. Why? Because I feel that none of these guys really get it. They simply make accusations and point fingers at Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett. All they do is heat the magnifying glass that constantly circles this team. It is the sole reason why many of Cowboys Nation fans have flocked here and to The Mothership.
  • Take the hiring of Monte Kiffin for example. I believe Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones felt it necessary to fire Rob Ryan for many reasons. It is indeed their prerogative to make the ultimate decisions in the first place. Though Ryan was able to give this Defense "swagger", his scheme was often muddled with confusion, poor execution and unnecessary penalties. Enter Monty Kiffin, the godfather of the "Tampa 2" defense. This 4-3 switch is going to pay dividends in my opinion. No, Kiffin is not the "long term" answer. However, I like that he is disciplined, I like that he is innovative, and I like that he is about turnovers. ESPN was completely against this hire for 4 hours, until Ed Werder, Lacewell, Brooks and others gave endorsements, now ESPN is now on the bus. Why? They saw 72 and nothing else, and didn't realize that colleges don't come with 11 NFL ready defensive players.
  • Off that topic and onto another, Jason Garrett needs our support. Since Jerry Jones made his "uncomfortable" comments, everyone seems to be trying to start a fire, where I believe there is none. I believe this team needs a true Offensive Coordinator, I say that because I believe Jason Garrett is best suited to be The Head Coach. However, I'm glad it's not Norv Turner, and I hope it's not Tony Sparano either. Do not get me wrong, Sparano should become a member of this coaching staff and take on the task of this offensive line. Bill Callahan is able and ready for this job, beside Garrett hand-picked him last year to replace Houck. Give this guy a chance; he has a proven track record. Those that believe that Jerry Jones is losing confidence in Jason Garrett should look a little deeper. He just needs help.
  • This team has needs to fill, but Free Agency will bring no help to this team. Restructuring contracts will need to take place regardless; but other than a few under the radar grabs, Free Agency should be quiet on this waterfront. I do believe in resigning Anthony Spencer, and there's a legitimate shot at that, but Cap Hell is not worth it see post-Aikman years. This team is going to have to draft well. How do they do this? Draft BPA is the only way. When you start thinking about needing a Safety or Defensive Tackle you reach, and often you fail. If it so happens, your board shows a DT as the best available; by all means take him. They can't make these outlandish reaches. I believe this Draft will be telling for our future for sure.

Well folks, stay tuned because not all the dominoes have fallen, and plenty of more things should happen in the next few days. The Senior Bowl is coming up and this coaching staff should be finalized by then. BTB will definitely be all over this offseason, as will yours truly; I might be headed for Oxnard if possible. Please as always take care of yourselves and I hope you enjoyed this post. I know you will let me know in the comments section. It feels good to be back.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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