Offseason Priorities Pt. 1 [Offensive Lines Issues]

The Dallas Cowboys FO have not done Romo right by constantly bringing in average lineman to protect Romo, and have chosen to ignore the O-line issues for a long time. No More.

Before I start, I want to let you fans know I will be doing a weekly post evaluating the Cowboys Off-Season priorities. I will start with the Offensive Line.

We as Cowboy fans have been lucky that we have a mobile quarterback who often looks like Houdini out there. The thing is Romo can't always scramble & read defenses with the game on the line. Especially with DE/OLB becoming more and more athletic as years go by. Romo also has become prone to injury the past 3 years where he has had broken ribs in the past two because of miserable O-Line play. Another factor is that Romo is beginning to approach his Mid-thirty's and is in his final years of his prime. This is the year the Cowboys FO will have to look at their O-Line and see that this group outside of Tyron and maybe Livings CAN NOT, and WILL NOT get the job done.

A good offensive Line will not only make Romo better but, make his running back Murray have gaps to attack and rush for positive yards. It will also allow our Future Offensive Coordinator to have trust in running deep routes without worrying whether Romo will even have the appropriate time to drop back in the pocket and read the defense. Basically, a Good O-line probably could have got us into the playoffs this year instead of looking at it in our coaches at home. This is the year Jerrah & friends will have to look for upgrades on the O Line toprotect their Star quarterback (no pun intended).

There are multiple Free Agents on the market and good prospects in the draft to fix this Line. Below I will provide you with the grades on the FA offensive lineman available & Draft prospects. This Draft is deep in Offensive Tackles. My draft steal is Alvin Bailey who i hope falls to us in the 3rd round.

Top Draft Prospects:

| Name | Position | School | Rds |

- Luke Joeckel - OT - Texas A&M -1st

- Chance Warmack - OG - Alabama - 1st

- Eric Fisher - OT - Central Michigan - 1st

- Jonathan Cooper - OG - North Carolina - 1-2 rd

- D.J Fluker - OT - Alabama - 1-2 rd

- Oday Aboushi - OT - Virginia - 1-2 rd

- Barret Jones - C - Alabama - 1-2 rd

- Kyle Long - OT - Oregon - 2nd rd

- Dallas Thomas - OT - Tennessee - 2nd rd

- Justin Pugh - OT - Syracuse - 2nd Rd

- Larry Warford - OG - Kentucky - 2-3 rd

- Chris Faulk - OT - LSU - 2-3 rd

- Menelik Watson - OT - Florida State - 2-3 RD

- David Bakhtiari - OT - Colorado 2-3 rd

- Alvin Bailey - OG - Arkansas - 3-4 rd

Free Agent Guards per PFF.

If we don't get Cooper, the guy I want the Cowboys to sign is Andy Levitre, not only is he entering his prime, but is young and can anchor the line for years to come. He is also very mobile which is very important for a running back.

Free Agent Tackles per PFF.

I doubt with the cap that we will be able to sign a Tackle and guard so Jerrah could go with Cooper in the draft and get a tackle in the off season. I also don't know how Dunlap got on this list.

Comment below who you would like seeing wearing the star from this list. Thanks for reading - Moses

Part 2: Will evaluate the Cowboys Free Agents.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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