One of the many mock drafts you'll see over the next few months

The last article I posted got a good response, so I decided to give this blogging thing a shot! (that wasn't an advertisement. Ok, it is) Lots of people are putting in their 2 cents in on who the Cowboys should take. So, I decided I could do that too! Also, I need to shovel the snow off my driveway, and this is a good way to procrastinate it.

So, this isn't so much what I think will happen, just what at the moment I would say is a good draft for the Cowboys. I'll also say why I think this team could use them. I'm basing my picks on where ranks each player.

So, if you disagree with my meaningless mock draft, that's fine, and I'd love to hear how you would do it, because at one point or another we all pretend we're a GM. Just don't make fun of my teribal English skills, I'm only ate months out of hi scool.

1st Round, no 18: Jonathan Cooper, OG, North Carolina

Do I really have to go over why? The 'Boys offensive line was bad, and needs help. Cooper is one of the best interior lineman this year, and will help out with the run game

2nd Round, no 47: John Jenkins, NT, Georgia

I doubt he'll be available here, but if he is, awesome! KC Drummond has Kawaan Short going here. While I don't disagree with that pick, I think Jenkins is more of what the defensive line needs. Jay Ratliff, Sean Lissemore, and Jason Hatcher could all be disruptive defensive tackles, but what the Cowboys have lacked for years is a big-bodied, massive lineman that can't be moved (Jenkins weighs about 350 pounds). Those 3 guys are all good, but it a short yardage/obvious run situation, I'd rather have a big guy like Jenkins on my defense for that.

3rd round, no 80: TJ McDonald, USC

He played for Kiffin at USC, so I guess he'd like playing for him again, unless they secretly hate each other. Then that would be awkward.... Anyway, Cowboys have lacked a true cover safety for years, and McDonald is pretty good at that. And some other stuff too.

4th Round, no 80: Lavar Edwards, DE LSU

I really couldn't decide between Edwards and William Gholston. Gholston is much bigger, but Edwards was more productive in college, so I went with him. I could go either way, but both would help out in a transition to the 4-3. If it was up to me, it would depend on if Anthony Spencer returns, or if another good DE is brought in free agency. If so, then I'd take Edwards, could be more of a situational rusher. If not, then Gholston, who would be a better every-down player.

5th round, no 143: Kenyon Barner, RB, Oregon

While Demarco Murray is great, he isn't durable enough to be an every-down back. I've always liked Felix Jones, but your top 2 runningbacks can't have injury problems. Barner, to my knowledge, didn't have many injuries in college. He also would be a nice compliment to Murray's aggressive running style, and could help out in the return game.

6th round: Michael Mauti, LB, Penn State

A lot like Sean Lee. Played linebacker at Penn State, and had some knee issues. Maybe becomes as good as Lee? One can dream! This pick is more out of paranoia of a linebacker group that had injuries, but could become a great player.

So that's my mock draft. Some undrafted guys that the "Boys might look at could include Joe Kruger, the defensive end out of Utah. His older brother, Paul, plays for the Ravens, and has about 17 other brothers who play football. Kruger is a big guy (6-6, 280), and could this year's Tyrone Crawford.

Another guy that will likely go undrafted is Michael Atkinson, defensive tackle from Boise State. He's got some speed for a guy his size (around 310 pounds), and I loved his pick 6 this year against BYU

Michael Atkinson TD vs BYU (via Bronco Nation News)

Anytime I see a big guy score, I get all giddy inside. What's that? Atkinson tore his ACL? Hmm... let me ask my friend Adrian about knee injuries


I think his knee will be fine

Again, I doubt that the draft will actually go this way, I just think this would be the best possible scenario. You might have noticed I didn't have the Cowboys taking a quarterback, unlike many other mock drafts. Well, my thinking is that when a team needs some interior linemen, more than likely a new right tackle, defensive end, defensive tackle, safety, runningback, and maybe outside linebacker, why take a guy who might not play for another 2-3 years?

If the draft went this way, I would be very happy. It doesn't fix everything, but it could help out the team for years to come.

So, have any thoughts or disagreements? I'd love to hear them, even though I might not care. Ok, I will a little.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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