2013 Mock Draft

First of all i would like to state that this is my first post on Blogging the Boys and that I've been following this site for about awhile now. That's not saying much though since I am only 18. I'm currently a college student at UC Santa Cruz and have lived in California since I was born, But have been a Cowboys fan since birth. Now that The formalities are out of the way I would like to introduce my first mock draft seeing as that most people are doing it around this time. I am basing this post off the front page article that KD has posting with Spencer leaving and the cuts being made.

Round 1: Cowboys trade back with Colts to recieve the 24th pick in the first round and the Colts 86th pick in the 3rd round.

With the 24th pick in the 1st round Dallas Cowboys select Sylvester Williams DT North Carolina. While a lot people have faith in the young prospects developing along the lines I believe that Willaims could be an asset right away. He has a great first step and could be used to start/spell over the ailing Ratliff. He could play all along the line and has great lateral quickness to help take away running lanes.

Pick 1b. Alex Okafor

Round 2: Cowboys select G Larry Warford from Kentucky.

While there are many fans who would rather have a G in the first I think that the best draft value for a guard is from the second round on because they are generally found more ready to play then DL in the later rounds. That being said I expect the Cowboys to take Warford from Kentucky, he is a road grader and would be brought in to make running lanes for Demarco Murray and provide that extra protection that Tony Romo needs.

2b. Travis Frederick OC/OG Wisconson

Round 3: Cowboys select William Gholston DE Michigan State

Another DE with huge potential.He posses huge size (6'6") and is a remarkable athlete. Although with the combine he may very well move up i believe that our new DL coach would be able to work wonders on him as he did with a certain DT named Henry Melton. He was one of the premier players in Michigan states vaunted defenses and I believe he would be a steal at this position.

Round 3: (From Colts) Dallas Cowboys select Phillip Thomas SS/FS Fresno State

Thomas is what Dallas is missing from their secondary, a true ballhawk. The Idea of him being with Matt Johnson that is if he is what we think he is, is quite enticing. He had 7 interceptions in his final year at Fresno state and may drop due to the fact that he does not have elite athleticism. Having adequate safeties would improve our ability to be able to play a sound Tampa 22.

3c. Kyle Long Oregon

Round 4: Dallas Cowboys select Kenjon Barner RB Oregon

Although Demarco Murray is not injury prone, as of now we have no adequate back up for him, considering that Felix Jones may or may not be leaving in FA. Kenjon would give us that shifty third down back element that many teams have been imploying as of late. Although he is small I believe he has the ability to run through the tackles and back up Demarco.

4b. Knile Davis Arkansas

Round 5: Dallas Cowboys select E.J Manuel Florida State

Although Manuel was not very impressive his senior year at FSU I believe that with his raw physical taents that at the least he would be able to become a very servicable back up to our esteemed Tony Romo. Tony is no where near retiring but we need to start thinking about his replacement down the line somewhere and I believe Manuel would be a great prospect to take a flyer on.

5b. Braxton Cave Notre Dame

Round 6: Marquise Goodwin WR Texas

US Cowboys have been long waiting for a burner. Marquise is an olympian athlete who runs a 4.3 and has been shown to have good hands. Even if he doesn't turn into a reliable reciever it will force to opposing DCs to at least gameplan for him.

6b. Shamarko Thomas SS Syracuse

Well that was my first try! Tell me how I did but don't be too harsh haha.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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