Jerry fired Jerry and hired ME!!!!

Over the past few weeks I have taken a few steps back and tried to make sense of what just happened in 2012. Was it our interior line that routinely let stunters and linebackers get free admission to Romo? Or the guy that gave "FREE" yards to our opponents and couldn't keep Jamarcus Russell in front of him if he made a comeback as a DE (do it JaMarcus! do it!!)? Or was it Jason Garrett's play calling (redzone)/game management? Austin's hammy? Murray's foot? Or was it our D?

Did the bells and whistles, meant to confuse an offense, actually confused us more? Was Claiborne not worth Janoris Jenkins and Tavon Wilson (retrospect yes; but still....) Did the bells not sound and were the whistles not blown because Lee, Carter, Church, Ware, Scandrick, Ratliff. ETC. were injured? How about a "would you rather" question... Would you rather have a Safety that can't cover or a Safety that can't tackle? If only Sensabaugh was a coach named Harbaugh....

On the bright side! Good job Dan Bailey!!!

That's a lot of confusion!!! Thank the Owner and the GM for bringing in Grandpa Kiffin and his son Rod! I personally think our defense (with who we have currently) can be a top 15 defense by just keeping it simple STUPID!!! Plus we were like 20th-ish last year so it can't be that hard..... I also believe we can win the super bowl within the next 3 years (I think we're going to win every year and that's what makes me a better Cowboy fan than you! I'm not ignorant... I have faith!)

If the owner fired the GM and hired me this is what I would do!

2013 Draft

1st Round. OG Warmack (wishful) or Cooper Romo doesn't like our Guards)

2nd Round. C Jones or Frederick (Romo doesn't like our Centers)

3rd Round. RT Faulk or Watson or Brennen Williams or Bahkitari (Romo doesn't like Free)

4th Round. DT Logan or Dawkins or Hill or Brandon Williams (Depth if Spears, Rat, Brent are gone)

5th Round FS. Mathieu (man CRUSH!!!) or Evans or Duke Williams (get sissybaugh out of here!)

6th Round RB Chris Thompson or Kerwynn Williams or Graham or Rouse (Murray shouldn't play 3rd down...)


LT - Smith

LG - Cooper

C - Jones

RG - Free (I don't want $10 million or whatever on the bench....)

RT - Faulk

  1. "Romo with all day to throw the ball"
  2. "Murray with a huge hole; reminds me of the holes Emmitt used to get"


DE (strong) - Hatcher

DT (big) - Price

DT (small) - Crawford

DE (weak) - Ware

  1. "Pressure up the middle... sacked!"
  2. "Pressure up the middle again... intercepted!"

and then I woke up........

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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