So crazy it just might work!

"He's a FREAK!" - a phrase said of players that are truly gifted with gaudy athleticism; from Kearse to JPP, Taylor Mays and Bruce Campbell, to our very own Tyron Smith!

There is, however, one among us that has been hiding in a pile of his own "doodoo" Whether this pile be from his own doing or not the "FREAK-ISH-NESS" is still strong within him! This freak has been blessed with a unique combination of athleticism, quick feet, long arms, and work ethic! I call him Tyron Smith's fraternal twin! But his Northern Illinois teammates referred to him as "Doug Freak"!

His old coach saying this of him, "Doug Free's a lot better athlete than Ryan Diem. He (Free) can run! You just don't see many offensive linemen that can run at that size like he can. What's impressive is he'll sit back in pass protection and then we'll throw the ball down the field and he''ll run downfield and block a safety. I mean, get downfield! You just don't see kids who can do that. He's special. Our kids call him `Doug Freak' because he runs so well."

Ok ok ok I know what you're thinking.

  • Now he sucks
  • Now he's horrible
  • He can't play RT
  • I'm not reading anymore of this post.....

Hear me out.... It's so crazy it just might work!!!

Doug Freak just completed his 3rd full year (starting) in the NFL. He was pretty damn good in 2010 and he got a Jerry friendly four-year, $32 million contract, with $17 million guaranteed.... (it's ok... it's ok... there there). 2011 he started to decline A LOT. He then got moved to RT... this is where hope turned to sheer despair... a fall from grace I have not witnessed or been apart of since former cowboy great Williams... Roy Williams... L....

Here's where I start talking crazy!

Freak has stated that, "Well, a lot has changed since then (2010): a different offensive line coach, different things," said Free, who broke in with Hudson Houck as the line coach and now has Bill Callahan. "It’s not the same old game. Every year there are different things that come up. So every year, you have to move with the times and play a little different, so you just have to get good at what you are getting coached and go to work."

  • 2010 - Houck (familiar) + Kosiar (familiar) = success!
  • 2011 - Houck (familiar) + Holland/Nagy(not familiar) = bad year....
  • 2012 - Callahan (not familiar) + Bernie (not familiar) + RT (semi) = bad year....

Freak has had a bunch of changes over the last few years and I believe it has affected his fragile brain. Now because of his contract situation we are in no position to cut him.... I wanted to move him to guard but realized he was too weak.... I read about people wanting to put him at center so he wouldn't be have to block guys as much... I want you guys to imagine something with me... If you were right hand dominant, would it be easier for you to be a RT or a LT? Doug Freak is left hand dominant and believe it or not he's actually a little quicker than Tyron Smith (shuttle & 3 cone drill).

Last month Jerry Jones himself has said it best,“Doug Free’s biggest asset is his quick feet, and you can make a case, believe it or not, that he plays better left tackle than he does right tackle,”

My crazy Idea that just might work is to put Doug Freak back at LT!

  • Tyron Smith is stronger and can better deal with the strong side
  • We're paying him as a LT anyways (weak reason but $ talks!)
  • He has 3 full years under his jockstrap now (still only 28)
  • JJ's not going to take a T the first day (In Parnell I do not trust)

So crazy it just might work? Or am I crazy?

  • 2013 - Callahan (familiar) + Livings (semi) + LT (familiar) = $10 worthy year!

Read more here:

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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