Off-season Priorities Pt. 2 [Cowboys Free Agents]

Is this the last image we will see of Anthony Spencer? Bob Griffin wouldn't mind not seeing him return.

This is Part 2 of my weekly post evaluating the Cowboys Off-Season priorities. Part 1 is here. This week we will focus on the Dallas Cowboys free agents and which players could be brought back.

The Dallas Cowboys have a lot of decisions to make regarding their 2012 Free Agents. They are one of the teams with the most free agents in the NFL and will have to make tough choices on who stays, and who goes. Below I will list the free agents by position, grade(PFF), impact(A-F) and whether they will return or not.

The most important free agent Anthony Spencer got the highest grade from the bunch by a mile, so I will start from there and trickle down the list.

| Name | Position | Snaps | Rating | Impact |

1. Anthony Spencer | OLB | 872 | +23.0 | A+

Summary: Anthony Spencer had a career year in sacks(11.0) and rushing the quarterback. He was the MVP of the defense and was the leader once Sean Lee & Bruce Carter were lost for the season. He is expected to make a huge splash in free agency, and his agent has claimed he wants to return to Big D and play for Monte Kiffin. However, his price tag may be too much for Jerrah and Co. to afford. I seriously would love to see my boy Spencer come back but it is not looking like a possibility right now under the cap.

2. Victor Butler | OLB | 300 | +7.2 | B+

Summary: Victor Butler had a significant rise in snaps due to injuries along the D-Line this year. His tackles(25.0) and forced fumbles(2.0) went up for that same reason. He is certainly a player who thrives in rushing the quarterback(3.0 Sacks) and is mostly a 3rd down player. Interestingly enough, Butler had two of those three sacks vs the rival Eagles. He was given a chance to start and really struggled against the run vs the Bears. He is not good enough vs the run which really damages his chances to be resigned. Bryan Broaddus also does not see him return for that same reason.

3. Kenyon Coleman | DT | 167 | +4.7 | B-

Summary: Kenyon Coleman is a veteran who excels vs the run and is great at taking up space & forcing double teams. His absence was felt vs the run once he was lost due to injury, but age & change of scheme really hurt his chances of coming back. I see the Cowboys addressing this issue in the draft by getting a DT in the top rounds.

4. Phil Costa | C | 126 | +4.6 | B-

Summary: If Phil Costa had stayed healthy, who knows how our O-line would have performed. In just a year, Costa came back significantly better and helped the O-line establish a run game. In fact, the two games he played versus the Ravens and the first half of the Panthers game, the cowboys looked to have a dominant run game. I think he is re-signed and is the front runner to win the starting job.

5. Brian Schaefering | DT | 45 | +1.7 | C+

Summary: Brian was brought in as a replacement for Coleman but was not good enough to really stand out. He was serviceable but like Coleman, I see the cowboys addressing this need in the draft.

6. Eric Frampton | S | 200 | +0.8 | C+

Summary: Another player who was brought in because of injury to a key position. He was mainly suppose to work on special teams due to McCray being promoted to starter. Coincidentally, he ended up replacing McCray as the starter the final two weeks. I think he might be let go because of his fit in the Tampa 2.

7. Felix Jones: | RB | 394 | +0.3 | C-

Summary: Ah Felix Jones, how you have fallen is sad. He was once a quick shifty back who was a defensive nightmare. Now he is starting to look like a bust. He played a lot of snaps due to Murray's injury but, had no positive impact. I don't see him returning and this need will mostly be addressed in the draft.

8. L.P. Ladouceur | LSP | 0.0 | C-

Summary: Not a name that really stands out unless you truly know your team. One of the underrated players on ST. He was resigned last year but there is speculation this was his last year and will be replaced by a younger man.

9. Brian Moorman | P | 0.0 | D+

Summary: What? another player brought on because of injury. Seems like a trend but he was brought to replace up and coming punter Chris Jones. Started of solid but ended his season on a low note with various shanks. Not re-signed.

10. Michael Coe | CB | 108 | -1.0 | D+

Summary: Well you guessed right, another player brought because of injury. No real impact and was burned by Ogletree(who we will get to later) in the first week. That should say enough, Not re-signed.

11. John Philips | TE | 342 | -2.0 | D+

Summary: He was a solid player who had potential but after his ACL injury never seemed to flash anymore. His blocking was OK but nothing special. Hanna passed him on the depth chart toward the end and Bryan Broaddus also has them addressing this in the draft or FA.

12. Brady Poppinga | LB | 55 | -3.0 | D-

Summary: Sigh.. another player brought for injury. Had some fire to him but no real impact. Remind you of someone named Keith Brooking. Possibly brought back for depth.

13. Kevin Ogletree | WR | 474 | -3.1 | D-

Summary: While I am writing this he ran the wrong route. Other than week 1 and vs the Falcons, he was basically a progress stopper for Harris & co. Not resigned.

14. Charlie Peprah | S | 186 | -3.3 | D-

Summary: Was serviceable and did manage to get an INT from Bob griffin, but his tackling leaves much to be desired. With this new scheme I don't see him returning.

15. Derrick Dockery | OG | 180 | -5.0 | E+

Summary: We need young strong lineman to help Romo not kill him. Just no.

16. Danny McCray | S | 658 | -5.9 | E+

Summary: I assume he will be returning to help our special teams but that is about it. Not a safety in this scheme.

17. Mike Jenkins | CB | 374 | -7.0 | E-

Summary: Decent player but how did he end up this low? He will be a starter next year on another team.

18. Ernie Sims | LB | 374 | -8.1 | F

Summary: I thought he played well but was often blocked by lineman too easily. Maybe resigned for depth but doubt it.

Well people comment who you would like to see return to wear the star and who you think should have been rated higher. Thanks for reading - Moses.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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