Dallas Salaries per Unit compared to Top 5 in 2012 Regular Season

Please be kind as my first FanPost on BtB.

Admiral Dallas posted a Fanshot that provided a tool at,detroit-lions that provided salary info for each team as of Jan 30, 2013. I decided it would be interesting to look at the top 5 in total yardage for offense and defense and compare to how the Cowboys' salaries are allocated.

A quick average of the Top 5 is shown and also of Dallas. On Defense, Top 5 team defense salaries averaged $58.06 million and Dallas had defensive salaries of just slightly less at $55.6 million. Dallas secondary and DL players had salaries less than their Top 5 counterparts while Dallas LB's had higher salaries compared to Top 5 counterparts. One point to note, while Top 5 salaries for S and CB varied widely, LB salaries were skewed by an absurdly low number from the Seahawks ($5.08 million). Four out of the top 5 teams had 8 figure salaries for DE but Dallas was generally in the center of the Top 5 salaries for DT.

For Offense, Top 5 team offenses showed average salaries of $57.7 million but Dallas had salaries of just $45.9 million. All 4 units of Dallas had lesser salaries than their counterparts in the Top 5. The greatest discrepancy? The OL which had average salaries of $20.366 million for the Top 5 offenses but just $14.18 million for Dallas.

One can see the areas that lack for Dallas versus the Top 5 units in yards allowed/gained: defensive line and offensive line, the same areas that everyone expects Dallas to target this off season. However I must ask the question-should that improvement be thru the draft and/or free agency? Drafting players would not make an immediate difference in salaries at the position as draft pick salaries are significantly less than FA salaries. However, one can see from the Top 5 def/off that one can have a position group with lesser salaries but still have a dominant unit. I would attribute that to either excellent draft picks and/or getting by with lesser talent in some instances.

Defense (Least Yards Allowed)
Team S CB LB DE DT Total
1)Steelers 16.64 8.43 25.14 7.77 6.89 64.9
2)Broncos 5.1 17.34 19.82 22.88 5 70.2
3)49ers 11.01 10.55 21.15 12.2 6.51 61.4
4)Seahawks 4.27 4.13 5.08 15.26 9.79 38.5
5)Bears 2.9 12.06 19.36 17.02 3.99 55.3
14)Cowboys 5.02 11.28 23.49 8.2 7.56 55.6
Top 5 Cowboys
Sec Avg 18.486 16.3
LB Avg 18.11 23.49
DL Avg 21.462 15.76
Team 58.06 55.6
Offense (Most Yards Accumulated)
1)Patriots 1.49 10.62 4.24 8.78 15.02 3.87 8.67 52.7
2)Saints 0.54 7.02 10.7 2.59 11.18 9.65 11.4 53.1
3)Lions 5.41 6.8 10.28 4.99 19.95 6.65 12.48 66.6
4)Broncos 2.02 7 7.36 4.36 7.55 7.3 19.64 55.2
5)Redskins 1.44 6.05 20.86 6.96 16.62 3.33 5.65 60.9
6)Cowboys 1.81 4.93 7.44 8.14 8.27 4.32 11.04 45.9

Top 5 Cowboys
OL 20.366 14.18
REC 19.6 16.41
RB 6.16 4.32
QB 11.568 11.04
Team 57.7 45.9

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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