What to do at WR?

I see many of the pundits and too many fans including WR as a concern as we head into next year. While every team can always upgrade somewhere, I have to question how on earth anyone is even looking at WR with the other holes on this team.

On the plus side, our troubled Dez in his third year, at age 24, ranked 10th in receptions, 6th in yards, 3rd in TD's, 6th in catches over 20 yards and 2nd in catches over 40 yards. This in a year where he struggled early and many were suggesting we cut ties with him.

By comparison, Miles Austin had 13 receptions for 278 yards and 3 TD's at the age of 24. Imagine where Dez will be in 4 years at age 28 as Miles is now? Oh by the way, Dez had a broken finger and missed his shine time against the Skins due to back spasms and still ranked this high. He has the potential to be top 3 in the NFL.

Now on to the over paid and over rated Miles. There are 32 #1 WR's in the NFL, Miles was 23rd in receptions and 23rd in yards of all WR's, he was 26th in TD's and 24th over 20 yards. In a year he battled injuries, drops and was the 3rd option, he still ranked as a #1 WR and a top 25 WR overall. Why are we screaming to cut him? How bout we keep working with him to improve?

The money is what it is, he's still a top 25 receiver and we are not gonna replace that if we cut him. Imagine if he can stay healthy what he'll do! He's still young, if he's still hungry, he can be a beast for 2-4 more years.

Witten is another people said was done and we need to move on, oops. All he did was set a record this year, after a really bad start. He's gonna slow down but we're talking 3,000+ yards and 20+ plus receiving TD's just with these three next year.

Harris clearly showed he's a quality #4 who can compete for the #3 spot. Then there is Beasley and Coale who have potential plus all the other guys on the squad and radar.

Between our backs, 2nd-3rd TE's, and additional receivers, I think we can muster another 1,200+ receiving yards and 8+ TD's, don't you? That's plenty if we get our running game going and improve our D.

I'm not saying our receiving group is perfect, but please tell me why we need a WR over oline, dline, OLB, safety, RB and CB if you disagree with me. Because I'm not seeing it.

Go easy on me, this is my first fan post and I've had a few beers, I might of messed up a stat or something! :)

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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