Is Romo Receiving Enough Credit?



Last Sunday night marked the end of the Dallas Cowboys season, and the start of yet another offseason with fans calling for Tony Romo's head on a platter. While Tony Romo has made his share of mistakes, and deserves some blame and rightfully so, he does not deserve this. Tony Romo doesn't deserve to be chastised the way the fans and media have been for years now. Without Romo this team wouldn't have been in the positions it has been in 3 out of the last five years, a chance to make the playoffs. Yes the argument could be made that the Cowboys could have drafted someone, or picked up a free agent, but who would that have taken away from their current roster. The thought process I'm having here is who with this offensive line and this team could have done better? I can't think of any feasable option that could. Sure there are those of you that will say, what about RGIII, Andrew Luck, Andy Dalton, and even Peyton Manning. Of all the guys I brought up the only one who could handle the system would be Peyton Manning, but with this line, Tyron Smith, and the other frequent changing pieces? I don't think so! Back to my argument, does Tony Romo get enough credit?

During the season Romo was tied for the league lead in interceptions with 19, and threw 3 alone in the game last Sunday night. Of the 3 he threw the most crucial one came in the 4th quarter with about 3:30 left on the clock. Romo had just completed a first down pass to Jason Witten, Dez Bryant and Miles Austin were on the sidelines, injured along with Cole Beasley. Out on the field were Dwayne Harris, and Kevin Ogletree to only 2 healthy wide receivers at the time. Romo snapped the ball and tried to hit DeMarco Murray on a screen, with a defender in his face Romo threw the ball, but failed to notice the defensive end had slipped out to cover Murray, and said himself after the game the guy made a good play. Of course we all know what followed, and I witnessed yet again the chants for Romo's time in Dallas to come to an end.

What would have happened if say Romo completed that pass and went on to win the game? Well first of all I would be typing this right now, but I will almost guarantee I would have been after the Seattle game. What did you all expect to happen the defense to magically get healthy, and our 2 healthy wide receivers turn into Pro Bowl caliber players, sure maybe Miles and Beasley could have fought through their ankle ailments, but how effective could they have truly been against that Seattle defense? Even if the defense got Ratliff back they would still be missing Kenyon Coleman, Bruce Carter, Sean Lee, Barry Church, Orlando Scandrick, and probably both Anthony Spencer and Demarcus Ware. I think a lot of you would still find fault in Tony Romo, and give yourselves an easy target, that's all he is really, the scapegoat.

What most of you all fail to realize is, while throwing a league lead 19 interceptions, and having the league's 24th ranked offensive line, Tony Romo threw for 4,903yds, 28TDs and a quarteback rating of 90.5. With this line he was able to put out more yards in the regular season than, Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, and RGIII. He put up some of the best numbers of his career, by running for his life and with the emergence of Dez Bryant. Romo constantly ran for his life, and made plays when things were not looking good. In the end he put the Cowboys in position once again to make the playoffs.

Romo brought the Cowboys back from the verge of season disaster to have a chance, and yes he had help, but this team was so beaten down by the time Washington came around the second time you all had to wonder if he would have too much on his plate. I am a strong believer in Romo and yes he lost us the Chicago game, but I know one thing he won more games this year and every year than he has lost. I admit at times it does seem the moment becomes too much, he has lost some big games, but it seems he also finds a way to give them a chance.

I do agree things need to change in Dallas, but Romo is not one of those things. Look for the priority of Dallas this offeason to be the trenches. With offensive line help I truly expect Romo to not only take the Cowboys to the playoffs, but deep into the playoffs. Imagine Tony having time to actually sit in the pocket and beak down a defense game in and game out. Imagine the continued progress of Dez Bryant along with that, and the impact it would have on their running game. Not every quarterback has what it takes to be a Dallas Cowboys quarterback, and most would probably have been retired by now with the horrible line play, but Tony Romo has hung in there. He's played through injuries, broken ribs, and a torn spleen and even in the Washington games last weekend he had a fractured rib suffered in the first half on a sack by CB Josh Wilson. Yet he played through the game and didn't complain, even though it was somewhat noticable he didn't quite have the zip and power throwing the ball he normally does. Tony Romo has not once complained about anything when it comes to losing a game, he's never passed off the blame when at points it has been clear he had room to. Going forward this is going to be the reason he will succeed, and the reason he continues to get support from his teammates and coaches, he's a fighter. Maybe instead of giving all the credit for the losses to Romo you should think of where the Cowboys would be without him.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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