FPage writers, please



First off, please no finger pointing.

Aaaaaaaaand the topic's come back. To write off-topic comments or not to write off-topic comments. This topic was a point of heated discussion a while back, and while I stayed out last time, I want for commentors and FPage writers to really understand each other. Last time, several members left the blog, something I never like to see. Please understand that although I may say "a commentor's point of view" or a "FPage writer's point of view" it is by no means a brush stroke a mile wide. I'm just giving my opinion of how both POVs see each other.

From a Commentor's point of view.

BTB is one of the best blogs there is out there, not just in SBNation but across the internet. Part of what makes BTB BTB is the amount of comments used to joke around with each other but also the football intelligence that BTB contains. We have fine examples in Birddog26, CoachGary, ScarletO, kitti, and several other "simple" commentors that write extremely intelligent Fanposts. On the other hand, we have a multitude of commentors (too many to list) that have developed a sort of "online relationship" with each other. The commentors, however, are not alone in their relationships. Over the years, the commentors have also developed friendships with moderators and Front Page writers alike. Something that has become a part of this relationship is guys and girls, grown men (some would contend that) and women having a great time discussing non-football related topics on the comment boards. While I genuinely believe that most of the commentors would never disrespect a Front Page writer, we like having a good time with each other on this site. Passionately dicussing the Cowboys, especially when big moves come in like Claiborne, Garrett's hire, and Dez's pick is something we all have in common. If you didn't you wouldn't be here. Discussing philosophy, life, and other topics is a bonus that, combined with football, is a topic you can't beat on most blogs.

From a Front Page Writer's Point of View.

I may be stepping out of my realm of authority, but this is how I see it so far. As a Front Page writer we spend copious amounts of time preparing well thought out posts. Oftentimes, we even take many, many screenshots in order to just detail one play. We have jobs, too, so this is really something we do to edify the Cowboys community. It pains us when, two comments in, somebody makes a joke about a French-speaking high school girl and the first 50 comments are about anything BUT the topic for which I dedicated time I could have been spending time hanging out with guys, family, or anything else. We don't get paid for this. This is solely out of our own time and goodwill.

Front Page writers, I'd like to hear your input on this. With 8 writers and contributing writers, I'm sure that each of you has his own opinion on off topic discussions. Is it something you wouldn't want to see on your own post at all? Is it something you're fine with? Please reply, and I will do my best to adhere to your preferences.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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