Peaks and valleys...and questions

After a 4 weeks roller coaster, I have already determined that we are headed for our now typical, 7-9, 8-8, 9-7 season. Why waste any "brain equity",as the playmaker would say, believing that it will be anything else? Before anyone gets mad because of what I just wrote, please consider that I didn't say 4-12, 5-11, or 6-10. I can only conclude that we will be mediocre due to reasons that I can see sitting on my couch in front of my tv every Sunday. This is not worth my wife being mad at me for watching football all Why can't Jerry, Jason, Callahan, and Kiffin see the following:

1) Jerry, why can't/didn't you draft a dt who weighs over 310 pounds. And yes bigger DT's can play in the 4-3 too ....annnd.....guess what, we didn't even have bigger interior d-linemen when we was in the 3-4. We could stand to draft more than one o-lineman in a single draft too. I can't watch a college game without wondering if the TE I'm watching will be on our roster next year

2) JG and Bill Callahan, why don't you run the ball more...even after you say that's what you're going to do? Why do you go away from the run even when you're getting 5 yards a pop. (I have another vested interest in this -Murray is on my fantasy team- At least I still have a sense of humor) I'm sorry this is the biggest one for me. I may not get to other questions based on this concern. Only questions that come from this question, like...

2b) Why are we running out of the spread/shotgun formations when it's obvious that Murray is great when Romo is under center?

2b-1) Why are we running draw plays out of spread formations and making it so obvious? I can see it from my couch. When in the shotgun and Murray is lined up a little further behind Romo, he's getting the ball. When he is lined up even with Romo it's pass. Ugghhhh! so frustrating!

2c) Why do we copy other teams and then don't copy them correctly. Remember we are Dallas, we are the innovators...well we used to be. So stop it with the kinda-copying better teams. We went to a te-laden team, no fullback just like the 49ers/Patriots. But we don't run the ball like the 49er's. The one game that we committed to running the ball, we smashed the rams. Murray had 175. But Sunday, Murray was killing the chargers and we stopped running it. I have been a dallas fan for 40 plus years and it reminded me of when I sat on my parents couch and wanted to cry (eventually did cry) as Tom Landry decided to not give the ball to Tony D in the Super Bowl vs the Steelers. Dorsett had 16 for 96. So much for Da Steeler Curtain that's 6 yards a clip. (A lot of people don't know this but we lost that game, not because of Jackie Smith. But because Franco kept getting it and Dorsett didn't-& blown coverages and a bad pass interference call-pretty good memory for a 12 year old) And Sunday it was Murray at 14 for 70 at 5 yards per clip! I mean could see this stuff when I was 12 years old (I know I know...I missed my calling ...LOL)

2d) Why don't we....nevermind this won't be a question but a statement. Run the BALL!!! For once, I'd like to see a balanced offense. And if it isn't balanced, for once!!! more runs than passes! I'm willing to bet anyone that reads this that if we have more runs than passes in any game..We WIN! (Oh yeah and run from pro-sets -Romo under center).

3) I finally got to #3. Monte Kiffin, I do realize that you may have been worried about your son on Sunday. But why oh why are you repeated leaving our linebackers (even though they both are good players, Carter and Lee) one on one with a future hall-of-famer TE like Gates? The chargers don't have such great wr's that the safety help shouldn't have been on Gates. We have Denver next, now you're screwed because they have great wr's and a beast at TE.....BUT...Julius Thomas is on my fantasy team (and I drafted him BTW, I saw his success coming-not one of those run to pick him up deals-I got skills like that!) So if you can figure out how to stop Denver and keep that Gates defense...we're cool. But I doubt you guys can do any of that.

Bonus Questions!

4)Jerry, Is Jimmy Johnson younger than Tom Coughlin? Me personally, I'd easily admit I need Jimmy to win Super Bowls, if I was you. Just Saying...

5) When is the next time that we will see a real screen pass. Murray is a perfect Screen pass rb. You do realize that right?

6) Does anyone notice that the best college & pro teams run the ball with their qb's under center. Alabama...check...Seattle...check...San Fran....check....Denver/New England....umm not eveyone has Manning and Brady.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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