NFL expansion to 40 teams and radical realignment plan by 2024.

2015 or '16: Expand the college draft from 256 to 300 total selections per year. Expand rosters from 53 to 60 players, with 50 active per game, plus 15-man practice squads, while the off-season limit is increased from 90 to 100 players.

2018: Grant expansion franchises to Los Angeles and Portland. No more expansion drafts of veteran players, yet each expansion team gets 75 total selections in the college draft before their inaugural seasons. The non-playoff teams from the previous season would each make 1 choice before the expansion teams monopolize the next 150 selections, and then the playoff teams would make their choices. Compensatory picks would then be made before non-expansion teams make their 2nd and 3rd round selections, and so on until 300 players are chosen.

2020: Grant expansion franchises to Mexico City and San Antonio. Expand the regular season to 17 games, while the pre-season is reduced to just 3 games.

2022: Grant expansion franchises to Las Vegas and Anaheim. Expand the Regular season to 18 games, played over 20 weeks with 2 bye weeks per team. Each team plays 1 pre-season game at a neutral site, including the Hall of Fame Game and Europe.

2024: Grant expansion franchises to Oklahoma City and Salt Lake City. This is when my radical realignment plan takes effect. No more NFC or AFC, doing away with conferences completely, just 8 divisions of 5 teams each, based exclusively on geography.

Atlantic Division: New England, New York Giants and Jets, Philadelphia and Washington.

Northeast Division: Baltimore, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

Southeast Division: Atlanta, Carolina, Jacksonville, Miami and Tampa Bay.

Central Division: Chicago, Detroit, Green Bay, Indianapolis and Minnesota.

Metro Division: Kansas City, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, Saint Louis and Tennessee.

Southwest Division: Arizona, Dallas, Houston, Mexico City and San Antonio.

Northwest Division: Denver, Las Vegas, Portland, Salt Lake City and Seattle.

Pacific Division: Anaheim, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego and San Francisco.

Each division would play 2 other divisions per season, alternated so that every team plays each other at least once every 4 years, and at each location every 7 years.

Expand the playoffs to 16 teams, including 8 wild cards. Since conferences are eliminated, any 2 teams, even from the same division, could meet in the Super Bowl, to be held on a Saturday, no later than February 25th.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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