Murray Sprained MCL- MJD is out there - Recap of Tonights Win

My mouth hit the floor when I saw that DeMarco Murray was hurt. I couldn't believe it. One of our most stable pla.. I can't even be sarcastic without getting pissed. Does anyone remember him spouting off "I am going to play all 16 games this season" Same Shit. Different year. I love his hustle and gain every yard attitude. But I think with the trade deadline being pushed back.....GO. AFTER. MJD. When in Gods name have we had a stable running back? Felix-Bust. tashard choice whose that? Marion Barber, strait up trash. WE SAW WHAT ROMO CAN DO WITH A RUN GAME. We saw what romo can do without a run game 505 yards, 5 TDs. We push and we push hard. This could be a season setting tone accusistion if we can snag him. I loved Randels work out there today. Just not a number 1 back.


Game ball- Brandon Carr Garcon was quiet the entire night, and had torched us in years passed. Colinsworth who absolutely hates us gave him praise at least three times.

Defense- WOW. How we get pressure on RG3 when at a point in the game NONE OF THE STARTERS were in due to fatigue but mainly injury? I am about to say something that will make many of you cringe.

Sean Lee is more vital and a better defensive player than Demarcus Ware.

I UNDERSTAND he gets double-teamed. I UNDERSTAND he has great leadership. BUT NOT ONCE. ONCE ONCE ONCE did he hit Payton last week and Today JUST LIKE MURRAY he gets injured. All smiles on the sideline though. He is a monster. But he needs to start getting to the old DWARE. Sean Lee. We all know how good he is. Lets see...creditionals... Has intercepted both Payton Manning and Tom Brady, Is the heart and soul of our defense. Look at the tackle he had on RGKnee at the GOALLINE. NO ONE ELSE MAKES THAT TACKLE. NO ONE. He is ALL OVER THE PLACE. The General, Hats off.. I love D-Ware. I just don't see how wilcox and hatcher (Who we have to resign with ratliff gone) are getting to the quarterback and Demarcus isn't. And this could very well be just a soapbox complaining rant, I just have extremely high expectations for him, and this year he hasn't met any.

Good win tonight. 2-0 in division play and a CRUCIAL game in Philly next week. Road Trip starts now...


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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