Does super rod change our draft approach?

Firstly lets clear up a couple of things-

We all know that Rod Marinelli has worked wonders with resources he has had available to him on the dline this season.

Entering the season 99% of fans wanted or expected the cowboys to invest high draft pickson the dline in the 2014 draft,heck half the fans were dissapointed we didnt do so in the 2013 draft.

Them points being said warrents a topic for debate in my eyes.Does what 'Super rod' has managed to acheive so far this season affect what the cowboys do in the draft?

Heading into the season a case has to be made that given that its pretty much a given that Spencer wont be around next year,Ware is aging and Hatcher is also an impending free agent that the cowboys need an infusion of youthful talent along the dline.And the consensus was that the cowboys should go dline early.The whole jay Ratliff debacle further strengthened the case for this.

However what we have seen from suppossed 'camp bodies such as George Selvie and Nick Hayden might sway the cowboys fo that because of the marinelli factor we could take dlinemen late in the draft and look at improvements elsewhere in the early rounds which if marinelli can make the late round selections into rotational guys or starters would result in a draft of unpresedented sucess.

Now for the 'But' and the 'what ifs'

What if Marinelli is lured by another team?Taking away the marinelli factor could result in the dline regressing.Theres no doubt players have been out performing there reputations so far this season,but taking away 'super rod' may result in the little bit extra he is able to get from them going with him.Which would then lead to us having a pourous pass rush and run defence and major regrets about not taking the talent available on the dline in the early rounds.

I though dont think this will happen,i beleive Marinelli is the heir apparent to onte Kiffin as the defence co ordinator.I also think that they will find a way to keep hatcher around after this season,the cap will be sorted with some restructures and releases and there will be ample room to work out a deal with the guy who in my eyes has replaced Demarcus Ware as THE man on our dline.

And i also think there is a need to improve the defensive end position early in the draft.Adding another stud to the rotation of ware,selvie and wilber is a necesity to me,the middle of the line i think can be addressed later,i like the hayden hatcher and nevis rotation and next year we shold have ben bass and ty crawford thrown into the mix.

This Marinelli guy tho.....he really mixes it up,throws a spanner in the work.What he has done,what he does may just sway them into thinking they can take a risk and leave it until later on.

But then gain there is Jason Garret and his process and Certain Jerry Jones who wouldnt suprise me if he blew up the draft and made a mega trade to go and get Clowney

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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