Stuff I Find Interesting (Week 7)

I feel the need to post some interesting (or possibly not) statistics for Tony Romo and the Cowboys so far this season. Some of these are probably going to be posted here and other places on the interwebs, but this is stuff I find interesting:

2 – The number of interceptions Romo threw yesterday. Why are these 2 INT’s interesting? Because they are the first INT’s that Tony Romo has thrown in a Week 7 game since 2006 when he took over for Drew Bledsoe at half time against the Giants and he threw 3 INT’s in that 2nd half. This is not meaningful in any way, I just thought it was interesting. To be fair, in 2008 Romo didn’t play after getting injured in the Cardinals game the week before, and in 2010 he only threw 7 passes against the Giants before being knocked out for what would eventually turn out to be the remainder of the year.

(*Side note #1: I HATE that the Hail Mary gets charged as an INT.)

(*Side note #2: I really thought Dez was going to catch that Hail Mary for a second.)

10.3 – The Cowboys current wins forecast based on OCC’s Pythagorean Win formula. This is the latest into the season this number has been over 10 since 2009.

17.3 – Points given up per game in NDG’s (Non-Denver Games). Let’s be realistic, Denver is putting up crazy Madden numbers on the league (they stunk last night and ONLY scored 33). By comparison for the NFC East, points against in NDG’s are: Eagles-24.0; Washington-30.7; Giants-33.6 (Washington hasn’t played Denver yet).

16 & 2.3 – Total Sacks and Sacks/Game that Romo has taken so far this season. I think we’d all agree that the OLine is much better this season than it has been since 2009, but this is easily the highest in Romo’s career. The previous high in sacks/game was 1.8 through Week 7 in both 2009 & 2011. I think some of this is Romo being more careful with the ball. He’s more willing to take the sack this season than to throw a bad pick, so overall I think it’s ok.

36.2 – Romo’s Completions per Interception for the year. His 5 INT’s are the 2nd lowest of his career through Week 7 (4 in 2009 with 6 games played). His 0.7 INT’s per game are tied for the lowest of his career with years 2008 & 2009. (Just for laughs, know that Eli is currently at an abysmal 8.2 completions per INT before tonight’s game with the Vikings).

12.1 – Romo’s Completions per TD for the year. This is the 3rd best pace for Romo’s career, behind 2008 (9.1) and 2007 (9.4).

Looking ahead to Week 8:

  • Dallas is currently on a 3 game Week 8 losing streak. Last year was the Dez Bryant Finger game, 2011 saw a 34-7 spanking by the Eagles, and 2010 was a 35-17 loss to Jacksonville in Kitna’s first start of the season (also Wade Phillips’ next to last game as HC).
  • Detroit is averaging 26.6 points scored per game and is giving up 23.9 points per game. They lost a close one to the Bengals 27-24 yesterday. This is a very up-and-down team, but they have yet to lose 2 in a row.
  • Detroit’s 4 wins are against Minnesota (1-4), Washington (2-4), Chicago (4-3), and Cleveland (3-4). Their 3 losses are to Arizona (3-4), Green Bay (4-2), and Cincinnati (5-2).

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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