Just first down - just one and...

...the Lions don't even have the ball at the end of the game. I asked in the thread if Tony Romo could drive this team for the win and the answer turns out to be no. I was under the impression that Romo had the right to call some plays on his own. So why did they hand the ball off to the running back for consecutive loss of yards and not at least try and throw for one - just one - first down? Maybe a screen to the running back? Maybe a safe 7 yard throw to Witten to give the runners a better chance of actually getting a first down? Just one first down at the end of the game and Dallas wins this one.

I never have a good feeling when this Dallas team gets the ball to ice a game with more than 3 minutes to go and they don't have a 2 score lead because either Tony Romo on his own (via the INT) or the offensive coaches on their own can't seem to figure out how to put a win away when they have it in their grasp.

I am sick at my stomach watching this game go down as a loss. Having to hear, ad-nauseum, Brian Billick continually praise the detroit Lions - I thought I was listening to the local Detroit feed - I was salivating at the thought of Dallas winning this game. Watching our no-name defense scratch and claw to keep the team in it and THEN watching our anemic offense go three and out it seemed like 20 times - did anyone think Tony and the offense was really going to seal the game with that ever elusive first down to ice it? Really? I mean, can this team EVER just get over the hump - any hump???

I put this loss squarely on the offense. Period. The offense and Tony Romo had the ball at the end of the game after the defense stopped the Lions on 4th down and all they had to do was get one measly first down to secure the victory

So,the answer to my post in the game thread here at BTB is - no. Tony Romo will not do it. Maybe the coaches are afraid of him throwing his signature game losing INT so they just didn't want to call a pass at the end to ice the game.

Welp, that's what you get when you let a team with the likes of Calvin Johnson hang around. That last opportunity you give them could be your last. As it was today. This is how losing teams are built... one idiotic choke at a time.

Wow, Stafford. THAT's how you play in the clutch. I hope everyone was watching that and learning what to look for in a clutch QB. You get the ball with a minute to play. You throw completions (not INT's) for long yardage. You command your charges to get to the line of scrimmage quickly to "down the ball and stop the clock - wink wink" before you craftily sneak in for the game winning TD, as improbable (really?) as it seemed to be at the time. Textbook winner type stuff right there. I thought I was watching Roger Staubach and Drew Pearson re-incarnated.

Baseball tonight. Go Cards. Basketball coming up soon. Go Mavs. Hopefully spring will not be too hot in Texas so that maybe the summer wont be so hot this year. Ya know? Might as well get a jump on the off season...


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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