Can you read this and be honest about our team?

Whenever I write a post that honestly tells the truth about "us", I'm label "Negative Nancy". So guess what? I will accept it ,if my fellow cowboys fans can accept this: We are less than mediocre. That's right! We are not even mediocre. BTW, I'm venting right now and I have every reason to do it. And if anyone wants to bash me for doing, at least read all that I have to say. These initial comments are coming out of the frustration. And they may be hard to read but make sure you read the FACTS that I will eventually write.

Here is my first question: Was I the only one who knew we would lose this game once we didn't get that first down? That speaks volumes for how "less than medicore" we are. Why less? Because a mediocre NFL team still wins that game!

I will apologize in advance for all that I will randomly say in this post going forward, because there are so many things that I can see that's wrong with the Dallas Cowboys. So I will just list them as they come to mind. Some will be in general, some in reference to this last game. Here goes:

Tony Romo can NOT be blamed for this loss but....Dez was right to go off! Tony has never developed a relationship with his #1 wr (yes that includes T.O.)on par with the relationship that he has with Witten. On par with what we saw with Staubach and Pearson, Aikman and Irvin. The "no matter what" relationship that Aikman had with Irvin in the NFC championship game when we fell woefully behind but almost came back. Aikman threw to Irvin "no matter what" and that was Deion who was getting crushed by Irvin. So why does every star WR we get ,have to blow up on Romo? We just watched Stafford throw a gazillion targets to Megatron and Dez got SIX TARGETS!!!!! 6? Two was turned into brilliant TD's. And now Dez will get killed by the media for "going off". And does any of my fellow dallas fans not know that Dez "IS" as good as megatron? Apparently Romo, Callahan and Garrett does not know! Throw him the ball with the confience that Detroit throws it to Megatron (this is the same issue T.O had--I know you hate to read that but it's true). Dez was covered on BOTH those TD's wasn't he? Yes. When Jerry introduced Irvin at the Hall of Fame, he bragged about how everyone in the stadium knew what was coming on 3rd & 7, the Michael Irvin slant. Where was it yesterday to Dez on that last drive, hell throughout the game? ...First down, kneel out the clock, game over!!! But we watched slant after slant to Megatron!

Speaking of slant to Megatron, where was the double coverage on Megatron? I was so convinced that Megatron would get doubled the whole game, that I picked up Kris Durham on my fantasy team. I was thinking that Durham would get single coverage with pathetic Mo Claiborne or over-paid Scandrick. And what happened...we shut down Kris Durham for 59 minutes! How did we manage to shut down Kris Durham for 59 minutes? (you feel the sarcasm)

Do any of you remember the commentators asking each other if they should be rushing 3 or 4 on that last Det drive?

Randomly moving on...What did Gavin Escobar do yesterday? A DT or OG should have been drafted in the 2nd round.

Here is another problem I have with our team: Joseph Randle is a lightweight. Why is he even on the team? Hmm, could have drafted yet another lineman there. Lance Dunbar is smaller and runs with more power than Randle. Tanner is much better as well. I knew this the moment I looked at his height & weight. This guy could not play RB for any other team in the NFL. I can see this but our coaching staff cant. Go ahead get mad at me but the guy is 6'0" tall yet does not weight 200 pounds! That's a wr not an NFL RB! He has thick legs, so guess what that means? His weight is bottom heavy. That's no upper body strength, no yard after contact. No power. BTW, I was the one posting that Tashard Choice was our best RB back when we had him, Felix, & Barber. Choice had a couple of bad games for us while playing injured and we cut him and kept 3 kickers. Well...Guess who is our best pure running back right now? Phillip Tanner (yes that includes Murray). Guess who gets the ball the least...Tanner.

Watch we sign Anthony Spencer for a gazillion dollars and demote Selvie next year! Spencer should already be gone and replaced by one of those picks we used on a te or rb.

Frankly I love Terrance Williams but Dwayne Harris should have been given an opt to shine. Dwayne Harris is a young version Carolina Panthers Steve Smith. We will never find that out. He will play for someone else...just watch.

And know that I am not knocking Williams, dude is a beast but what lineman could we have drafted there? And now that we have Williams, will we get rid of Austin if we can't sign him to a hometown discount? I bet we won't manage that right.

How long will it take for Cole Beasley to end up with New England? Now if you can't see that coming, you're blind!

Sorry for the random thoughts but I'm a Dallas fan and I don't think we have anything to look forward to but a roller coaster ride. We are less than mediocre because a mediocre team would have won yesterday in that situation.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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