Dallas Future Bright?

As the Cowboys roll towards mere mediocrity once again, we as fans sit back and wonder how a team with such a powerful as Jerry Jones is failing to even live above the average standard that has been present for the past 10 plus years. So where does Dallas move on from here? Who needs to be held accountable? Should we make trades to be a real contender this year? Do we clean house to start over?

We are at a critical part in this historic franchises life. A massive crossroad of decisions that will either lead us 3 ways. The first way would be to clean house and start fresh to rebuild for a super bowl team in 4-5 years. As a cowboys fan this is the worst option because we have the pieces minus a DLine, OLine, and a real head coach. This is why the 2014 draft will be crucial whether we chose this route or not. Main concerns need to be addressed this season unlike last years debacle with Escobar being on this team and not addressing DT/DE nor OG. Replace those with young talent and a smart coach to build their confidence in a smart system and have them grow together. Look at the Gmen OLine from 2003-2007 played together so long and finally got it done. Need to find key guys who can come together work together and have longevity together. Enter Jon Gruden to coach these guys to success.

Option B would be to continue to push money towards further seasons and try to stay current to only fall to a sad 8-8 record. Ever since the cap room became a problem the business aspect of football has really kicked the front office's behind. Signing guys passed their prime and guaranteeing too much money to then push that money to the back end of the contract so current years can go and spend more money you will not have the following years is a horrific method. Next years estimated cap is $31 million over which from any stand point is absurdly high. Until we resolve cap room issues and find a scout who can decide for Jerry who is truly worth the big extensions, the boys cannot make any power moves to become a real contender.

The third and final option we have is to suck for Luck..... Oh we missed out on him? Well then the only other option is to replace Garret as HC and find an old school mentality with a new school coaching scheme. Need to find a coach who can hold players accountable for every aspect of the game. No more rants, no more building up false confidence, and sure as sh*t no buying into any hype. Being humble in the public isn't Jerry Jones, but if you give him a coach who can get that to stick with players it will balance out. Look at Andy Reid in KC he has all his players invested into his playbooks, practices, mentality, and off field systems. KC is now 8-0 and riding high off one of the biggest turn arounds in NFL history. Dallas needs a guy to make every player accountable to buy into one system that will make them successful. They haven't earned any respect or trophies so they need to play like they are working for it rather than showing up like they already won the game.

As far as trades go, no trades should occur, Demarco is a feature back in this league when healthy. I agree he isnt able to play 16 plus games a year, but when we feed him the ball for the most part he produces. Also he came in when our offensive line has been at its worst since I was born (1992). Joeseph Randle is not what we need to have as a second back. We need a power back or change of pace back who can make the big blocks on a steam rolling JPP or Jared Allen type DE, or a back who can slam home those 2nd and shorts or 3rd and 1s. Money is a big issue to find an RB who can be successful and this upcoming draft doesnt have big name RB's so we will have to build up the OLine to help Demarco for another year.

As for the Defense, spencer isn't worth the money he stole from us this past season and we should go our separate ways. Hatcher needs to be resigned to a normal long term deal. I am aware we dont have that type of money to offer him a contract some terrible team will offer him, but he needs to stay as Demarcus Ware is on his way to retirement in two years after robbing us as well. That leaves Hatcher as the veteran leader the young guys have to learn from and listen to. This 2014 draft I will reiterate is loaded at the DT/DE positions and it is mandatory we address that this season after passing on Shariff Flyod last year. Ratliffs departure hurts in every aspect, depth, veteran leader, financially, so we need to find young talent to step up. I am aware Bass and Crawford come back off injury, but we need to find a key guy whom can be a long term star.

This blog is just my opinion on what we can do, what is smart and what could happen and may be seen as being a major pessimism . The sad truth is this is Jerry's world and we are all just living in it. 2015 offseason starts and ends with resigning Dez, Smith, and Carter, then after that who knows. QB will be an issue in a year or two as well because whether Romo can continue to put up numbers will be interesting and we need to build a young arm to fit our system and be lead by a veteran. Please leave comments as I wrote this in about 15 mins while in between classes today thank you and god bless.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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