is it trading season in the nfl?

Of late in the nfl there seems to be a more than usual amount of high profile trades going around.

I dont remember this much trading activity in a long time alothough it is something i do like to see.

Any way it got me to thinking-is there anyone out there that could be available we could trade for,and is there anyone on our roster we could trade away for decent picks?

there is only 2 players on our roster tht i see as feasible trade bait-

1st Phil Costa.Now strictly a reserve behind Tfred he could prove as a significant upgrade to a number of nfl teams but would likely not command anything higher than a 5th rounder.

2-Bruce Carter-shocker i no.and really not something would do nor want to see happen.But if ernie sims is deemed a better option this sunday for us then maybe it would be something worth looking into?I like Bruce,i really do and i think he is a beast-everyone has a bad game every now and then.But if sims is promoted to starter then maybe just maybe we could entice someone into recuperating the 2nd rounder we payed fr him,or at worst a 3rd.

witten and claiborne could also be considered giving us an opportunity to turn over the te position to escobar and hanna and replacing claiborne with a corner more adept to the new deffensive scheme.Although i think wittens contract and the high rice we payed for mo put these possibilities out of the realm.

So what players out there could be available for us to trade for???????

Well the obvious 1 would be josh gordon of the browns but i really dont ever see this happening despite the cowboys being interested and even offering a 3rd rounder for him in the supplimental draft last year.

so more realistic targets?

Kenny britt/mike martin.Hold on a minute before commencing with the lynching.Kenny britt can be a stud and unplayable on his day.Problem being is that those days are to few and far between.But put him opposite dez bryant and teams are going to have nightmares especially if we can get more consistency out of him-heck we turned dez around ad got his mind foccussed i have every faith we could do the same with britt.

Mike martin is a player i like alot,a good defensive tackle that could come in and play alot of snaps for us.Problem for him currently is that the titans just signed sammie lee hill to a decnet contract and he has a stud like jurrel casey in front of him aswell.He is good against the run and has a decnt speed about him aswell for a dt.

We are thin along the defensive line and martin would provide alot of help there in a solid rotation with hatcher and the suprising emergence of nick hayden.

The titans are supposedly open to offers for britt in what is a contract year for him so i wouldnt see him commanding anything more than a 6th rounder at present,however if we could acquire britt and martin for no more than a 3rd then i think thats good business.

Another player i think would be worth making an enquiry for is adrian claybourne.something isnt right in tampa at the minute and We are woefully thin at defensive end.Imagine just how bad it would of been had selvie not been a revelation for us this season.To see just how thin we are just imagine-if wares back doesnt improve and selvie is cleared following his concussion we could be starting edgar jones and kyle wilbur on sunday......yikes.

Claybourne has experience in a system very similar to ours and at 25 could be a mainstay on our dline for a few years,but for the here and now imagine a rotation of claybourne selvie and ware rushing the passer for the rest of 2013,keeping each other fresh and racking up the sacks between them.The question here isnt if it would be a good move,but if the bucs would be interested and at what price?

Personally id be happy to not have a 3rd and 4th rounder next year but have these 3 additions to our roster especially if we could work out a contract exstension for britt and get him playing to his potential week in week out.But maybe theres someone i missed?what say you?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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