Why the Cowboys Have Been, and Are a .500 Team, and Why They will Remain So.

It is simple arithmetic, but to keep it that way, we will give you the numbers just for 2013, though the past several years all work out the same.

The 2013 salary cap is $123,000,000. So what percentage of that money is available to play for the Cowboys on any given Sunday? Approximately 68 percent. That is correct. Thirty-two percent of the Cowboys salary cap assets are unavailable to play on any given Sunday.

1. Dead Money ($15,271,203)

2. Injured Reserve ($14,030,159)

3. NFL Penalty ($5,336,223

4. Practice Squad (diddley-squat)

`` 5. Cap Room ($2,400,000)

The Cowboys can suit up just $85,962,415 on any given Sunday. Denver suited up over $102 million. Think about it. And losing Watters will be another $1,500,000 gone.

And the Cowboys have been in that situation for years. Why? Cap Management.

We can't help but laugh every time we read how great the Boys are at managing the cap. They SUCK at cap management. You can't win fielding an eighty-six million dollar team. The Cowboys are not playing UFA's and/or rookies because they are so damn good. They play them because they cannot afford anything else. Think how much depth you could buy with just the dead money. They are in salary cap hell and have been for years. It's not just a one year anomaly. It started way back when Jerry was rewarding older players with long extensions they could not live up to.

And it just goes on and on and on. This year they couldn't afford a high first round draft choice, so they had to trade down, but at least got a player playing way above his pay grade (Frederick). I think since the beginning of the Garrett era, given the salary cap restraints, they have done an amazing job in finding cheap players who play above their pay grade. And they did not give Spenser a long term contract, thank God. Love Spenser, but had they extended him, as they have done older players in the past, his contract would have become more dead money. As it is, we lose $10 million for one year, not $40 million over 5 years. So things are looking up. But don't expect to win big until the Boy's can suit up 85% of the salary cap on any given Sunday. That will take some time.

Look it up and weep.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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