Players, Coaches, & Thoughts: Cowboys vs Broncos

Below are some thoughts/opinions I have on the Dallas Cowboys next game versus the undefeated Denver Broncos.

The Dallas Cowboys (2-2) face the Denver Broncos (4-0) this week in AT&T Stadium. In order to beat the Denver Broncos, the Dallas Cowboys will have to be at their best physically & mentally. I am not sure who will give the pre-game speech, but this team will be eager to be the first team to beat the Broncos. We have heard all week from Jason Hatcher & Ernie Sims that they are ready to face the hottest offense team in the NFL, and put up a good fight. This game will come down to coaching and players leaving it all out on the field. The players have been preparing all week and only two days are left before they take the field.

In order for the Cowboys to win, they coaches will have to start including Gavin Escobar in the game plan more often. Gavin Escobar is no speedster but has all the tools to be a great weapon in this offense. Currently, the biggest surprise this year on offense has been Jordan Cameron from the Cleveland Browns. Jordan already has five touchdowns in four games, and is on track for a pro-bowl season. Escobar & Cameron share a similar background, both were basketball players in high school, & both switched to tight end in college. Also, they both are natural pass catchers. If you look at their measurements, they are very similar in size.

Gavin Escobar:

Height: 6-6 | Weight: 249 | Vertical Jump: 32" | 40 yd Dash: 4.84 |

Jordan Cameron

Height: 6-5 | Weight: 245 | Vertical Jump: 37.5" | 40 yd Dash: 4.59 |

Obviously, Cameron is faster & can jump higher but, both share the same weaknesses, they are better catching the ball than they are blocking. Norv Turner has seen this and uses Cameron to stretch the field down the seams and in the red-zone. Jason Witten is still Romo's most trusted target, but he is no longer the player he used to be. He can still be effective in converting short downs and moving the chains, but Gavin needs to be given more opportunities to play especially since he was their second round pick.

Next on the list is Bill Callahan, Monte Kiffin, & Jason Garrett. The Cowboys coaching staff has come under heavy criticism from its fans & the media. Through four games, the offense and defensive game plans have had their share of issues. In order for the Cowboys to win this game, the coaches will have to put their players in the best position to excel. Inside the NFL had a good episode this past week with HOF Jim Brown, and he said something very true.

A good player can shine and make a ton of plays but under a great coach, he can become a Hall of Famer.

Coaching is so important in today's NFL, we see it every year with the Saints, Patriots, & Colts. A good coach does not ask what you can't do well but what you can do well. He puts you in position to become better. The Cowboys offensive Coordinator Bill Callahan will have to draw up his best game plan to limit Peyton Manning's time on the field. This means running the ball effectively and using play action passes. Also, be unpredictable, keep the defense on their heels. Do not let them get comfortable with a few plays. Mix it up, draws, screens, anything that can keep the defense guessing what is coming next. On Defense, Monte Kiffin will have to prepare a solid plan to stop Peyton's offense from scoring. Manning is going to get his yards but "bend don't break" in the red zone. Also, if the game plan is not working, get adjustments ready in half time. Be prepared for all situations. I think this will be the first week we see Callahan have a solid game plan to compliment his weapons. This is an opportunity for the Cowboys to put the league on notice that they are real contenders in the NFC.

Quick Observations:

- The Dallas Cowboys are 0-2 in outdoor stadiums this year.

- Coincidentally, the Cowboys are 2-0 in their house.

- The Cowboys are averaging more time of possession per game than the Denver Broncos.

- DeMarco Murray is the third leading rusher in the league this year. He is on pace for 1200+ yds, which would mark the Cowboys first 1,000 yd rusher since Julius Jones.

- The Dallas Cowboys are the third best run defense allowing only 77.8 yards per game

- For all the criticism the defense has received, they are only allowing 21.2 points per game which is 11th best in the league.

Prediction: Dallas Cowboys 33 (3-2) - Denver Broncos 31 (4-1)

Game Balls: Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams, Sean Lee, & DeMarcus Ware.

Thanks for Reading & Leave your thought below. - M.A.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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