This is the type of offense Dallas needs to play

Dallas went into this game knowing it needed to score on every possession to have a chance. And they almost pulled it off. They punted once, fumbled once, and suffered one untimely interception. Otherwise, every time the offense touched the ball, it scored. 6 TDs and 2 field goals. Dallas hasn't scored 48 points since .... well I don't know actually ... except that it's the first time in the Jason Garrett era.

Dallas threw the ball downfield. Deep downfield. 36 attempts for Romo for 506 yards. That's 14 yards per attempt. It's NOT the dinking and dunking we saw against New York or San Diego. It is because Denver's defensive scheme was so bad? Or was there really a repeatable difference in this game?

Terrence Williams showed up in this game. He showed up some against the Chargers, but today, he hit the 82-yard home run pass play. That's what he's here for. That's the threat he poses. I hope they don't put that back in the box, because you can't double both him and Dez Bryant.

Jason Witten showed up in this game. Anyone else think Witten had lost a step? He went for 121 yards on only 7 catches. He wasn't going three yards and out. He was going up the field.

Cole Beasley is a weapon. One on one, he can't be covered either.

I loved how many times Dallas went with an empty backfield and completed the pass.

Romo got TONS of protection from this offensive line. Yes, he suffered a few sacks, but they were almost all because he held the ball way too long, or waited too long to do one of his patented moves to escape the pocket.

We aren't going to lay 48 points on other teams, but I hope we TRY. The scoring goal for each game should be 40 points.

This is an offensive league. The teams perceived to be at the top all have dynamic offenses: Denver, New Orleans, Green Bay, New England (when they had receivers).

Dallas needs to have an offense that scares the crap out of opposing defenses. That stretches and torches them with big play after big play. It will put more pressure on opposing offenses, which will tend to help increase risky plays and turnovers.

Our defense will come around. But our offense must carry us until it does.

Dallas won't play this well over the rest of the games. We won't play this well on the road, for example. But if it did -- if it played with this intensity and aggressiveness -- we could run the table.

We may be 2-3, but I feel a whole lot better about this team right now than I did after last week.

The team is not going to fold, any more than it folded today when it went from up 14-0 to down 28-17 with only 30 seconds in the half, or 35-20 after Denver scored on the opening drive of the second half. Instead of folding, we went on a 28-6 run of our own.

And the fact that we lost is probably not the worst thing that could happen, because it's going to force the team to double down on its intensity level, and learn that it needs to put teams away.

We need to take the disappointment of this loss out on Washington, Philly, Detroit, Minnesota, New Orleans, New York, Oakland, Chicago, Green Bay, Washington, and Philly. With this intensity and execution, those are all winnable games.


P.S. I think all the media pundits will BURY the Cowboys after this game. I think that's GREAT!! They need an "us against the world attitude" if they want to achieve their goals. And the offensive coaches need to feed the beast.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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