Pot will make your fantasy football team better: Week 6



High there:

Hello BTB, and thank you for joining me in this first edition of "Pot will make your fantasy football team better". Since pot loves you all so much (because he is Dez Bryant's agent), he decided to help you play fantasy football. This fanpost is identical to one that I provided BGN with, and I retain the right to be as biased as humanly and angiospermaenly possible when I feel it is necessary. Whether any of you like it or not, from now through the end of the season I will be answering questions about fantasy football as well as the many other such wonders of the world through these fanposts. I will attempt to answer any and all questions to the best of my ability in the comments section of each post (I will assume standard scoring unless you tell me otherwise). If no one chooses to ask any questions, then I will be asking my own questions and answering them myself (EVERY WEEK). Now, pots have their schedules too, and they like to sleep in on Sundays, so don't wait until Sunday morning to start setting your roster. Additionally, I might not get back to you immediately, but I will be posting these early in the week (I will try my best to get them out on Tuesday) and I am usually on here multiple times everyday (because I have a great life), so be patient.

I will begin with my Love list for the week (no hate because I only love, and I don't have time to write up a hate list; I will tell you who I hate in the comments):

My QB crush of the week:

This week I love Terrelle Pryor. Why? Because because I picked him up last friday because I am psychic and knew Vick would get hurt and I didn't want to waste my number 2 waiver position after he blew up against the Chargers (I also considered Zac Stacy, and you should too). I'm in a deep 12 team league, and I don't have a lot of options. I am essentially forced to start him this week, so I love him.

Now for those of you who think that fantasy football is not a complete and utter shit-show-ass-clown-parade-crap-shoot. First of all, you are wrong, it is. Second of all, here's the logic behind starting Terrelle Pryor:

Terrelle Pryor has a unique playing style. He doesn't wait around in the pocket very long; he looks to see if is first target is open, if he is, then great, he passes to him. If he isn't, he tucks it and runs. In week six, the Raiders play the undefeated Kansas City Andy Reids. Over the past 3 weeks they 1) allowed Mike Vick to run for 99 yards (season high for him) against them on just 4 attempts, 2) allowed ELI MANNING to run for 12 (he has 45 yards rushing combined in the past 2 years), 3) Ryan Fitzpatrick to run for 50 and a touchdown. What can 6'5" 240lb 4.42 forty Terrelle Pryor do against them? To quote Biggie Smalls: "Sky is the limit." Kansas City has a great secondary, so he won't likely be great in the passing game, but I'd say he is a lock to get at least 15 points in standard scoring leagues.

My RB crush of the week:

Ok, this less of a crush than it is a "I have 2 running backs on bye and if I don't get a trade completed soon I am forced to start The Willis McGahee." So despite the fact that the only two football related differences between him and myself are 1) dreadlocks, 2) 75 lbs, I am forced to start him on my fantasy team.


McGahee is up against a stout Detroit D-line, however our ol' buddy Jimbo Washballs is their D-line coach, and he runs the "let the other team run all over us" version of the 4-3, which is known as the wide-9 in layman's terms.Shockingly, they are the 7th worst run defense so far this season allowing 5.3 yards per carry and 124.6 yard on the ground per game, in addition to 5 rushing TDs in 5 weeks. Last week Willis McGahee carried the ball 26 times, including one drive where he had 6 carries in a row inside the other team's 5 yard line, eventually falling over in the endzone for the touchdown. With Hoyer out for the remainder of the season, it is reasonable to assume that Cleveland will rely heavily on McGahee's 2 yards per carry and 235 pound body. Also, I'm not sure if this will help him, but the Browns do get three extra days to prepare for this game. I expect at least 20 carries, but I don't suggest you start him unless you need to. At this point, he is still only a flex at best.



My WR crush of the week (and for life):

I will never be angry at a player who loves pot, even if it gets them suspended for it. Sadly, I hated Blaine "WHHYYYYYY?????" Gabbert enough to bench Blackmon in his first week back from his suspension. Thankfully, the football Gods felt sorry for me and injured Gabbert (amen). Blackmon was a beast with Henne behind center at the end of last season as a rookie as well as in the preseason earlier this year, and he looks even better now. If you don't have Blackmon on your team, you should get him as soon as you possible and by any means possible (discuss trade options in the comments with me if necessary; don't trade Calvin Johnson for him). He will get at least 200 yards and a TD this week in the 3 quarters of garbage time he will be partaking in against the Broncos.

My TE crush of the week:

I decided just now that I won't be doing TE's (unless I get a lot of requests). I can address question on who you should start and who you should pick up, but I really don't love any of them that aren't named Jimmy Graham right now. Unless an NFL team has an absolute monster like Jimmy Graham or Rob Gronkowski (or Tony Gonzalez orAntonio Gates in their primes) it is typically easy for opposing defenses to scheme against them. Obviously, it is not easy to scheme against a team like the Broncos or Packers who have too many weapons to account for, but in those cases it is a crap shoot for who gets the targets. Although, if you have players like Gates, Cameron, or Julius Thomas, you should probably start them every week that they are not on a bye.

My Defense crush of the week:

Cincinnati. The bills are starting Thaddeus Lewis (promoted from their practice squad). I don't know much about him other than he was an undrafted free agent who threw 40 interception with just 67 TD's, having only a 59.4% completion percentage as a 4 year starter for Duke (and he's not fast). I'm betting he sucks, and the Bengals just heldTom Brady as well as the rest of the patriots team to zero TDs. They are a very good defense, Lewis is a very bad QB; match made in heaven. If they're available, drop whoever you have and get them (actually, consult with me first and don't blow your waiver number on a defense).

My Kicker crush of the week:

This week and every week Kickalicious. You really thought I was going to analyze a fantasy kicker for you? If you have played fantasy football for more than two games you should know that anyone who tries to predict kickers weekly is full of poop.



Question of the week:

Is it OK to drop Bryce Brown if you have him as a Clutch for Shady?

Answer of the week:

I hope so. Many of you are probably NOT wondering who I dropped in order to pick up Terrelle Pryor, but I will tell you anyways. It was Austin Collie (as soon as I saw that the Patriots picked him up). But a couple days before that, I dropped Bryce Brown in order to pick up Collie, which I realized was dumb because Collie will probably not play for a while, especially with Amendola and Gronk coming back, and no one else will pick him up. Thankfully for me and for ¿you? no one is going to pick up Bryce Brown either. He has done nothing to warrant a roster add in any format. The reason I dropped him was because 1) I decided that even if Shady gets hurt, Bryce will likely split carries with Polk. And from what I've seen so far this season, I think Polk is the better and if McCoy were to be out for a while, Polk would eventually receive the bulk of the carries. Plus everyone in your league will try to add Brown, and probably no one will try to add Polk. Easy Money. Side note: If Shady goes down, you should pick up both Brown and Polk in case I am wrong. 2) I decided that Vick was more likely to get injured than McCoy, and like I said, I didn't want to waste my wavier adding Pryor (literally no one else left). And no I'm not adding Foles because he offers no value to me long term, and I love Pryor this week.

Now a more detailed answer to my own question:

No, you shouldn't drop Bryce Brown unless you have to. My bench consists of T.Y. Hilton, Hakeem Nicks, Tony Gonzalez, Willis McGahee, and Justin Blackmon because I had a lucky draft and am otherwise awesome. So I literally had no one else who I could drop in a league as deep as mine. As soon as I get a 2 for 1 trade, I will be picking up Bryce Brown.



Joke of the week:

How many pots does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Answer: None. You can screw in a light bulb without a pot.

Hate column:

I decided to add a hate column because a thought occurred to me that people might be overrating Knowshon "sucks" Moreno this week. He'll will be partaking in what looks to be the most lopsided matchup of the season, in which the Denver Broncos take on the Jacksonville Jaguars at home. Many might think that this game will be such a blowout, that Denver will be running the clock out for most of it. They are probably right. However, from a fantasy perspective, this does not spell excellence for Knowsucks. Knowsucks is unique because he starts primarily because of his ability to pass block. Consequently, he gets more snaps when Denver faces a tougher opponent. The other thing about Denver is that no team has been able to slow their pass attack and Knowshon is a talentless mouth, so teams try desperately to stop the passing attacking, while almost having to abandon the run. Since Knownshon is the starter because of his pass blocking ability, he gets to run freely up and down the field when Denver chooses to call a run play. My point is, against Jacksonville, Denver will probably be calling mostly run plays because they will be up by 9000 points after the first quarter. This is a great chance for them to see what their rookie Monte Ball can do given the opportunity. I expect the end box score to reflect almost identical carry opportunities for all three of Ball, Hillman, and Sucks. I might be wrong, and Denver might take advantage of this rare opportunity to score a million points in a game, but regardless, if you have Moreno you should still probably start him. Just don't expect 20 points out of him, and don't start him over one of your studs because of the matchup.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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