Cleaning Out The Basement

Ok. Bear with me here. I got some things to get out of my basement about my beloved Dallas Cowboys.

Here we go.

Skip Bayless is a moron. There I said it. I don't know why I wasted my braincells reading his recent article on ESPN but now that I did, It has caused such an inflammatory response that I felt that I need a release, and I thought that a fanpost would be a perfect place to do that. He says he is a fan, but his article is about how the Dallas Cowboys will never win another super bowl? Really? That is so chipper and positive Chip. I guess it just isn't in my DNA to condemn my team who is at the moment competing for a division crown dead to rights, and nothing but a team of "pet cats" and "entertainers". It's real easy to write an article like that Skippy. Anyone can do it. I could but I am afraid I would kill too many braincells in the process doing so, so I'll pass. It's just yet another blame Jerry post and one big love letter to the defeatist, depressed cynical side of the silver and blue. The tone of the article felt like Jerry Jones pissed in Skip's cornflakes after the loss to Detroit and he didn't like the taste.

Sure Jerry hasn't been perfect, but pointing blame to him after every loss is getting old. I don't mind if some blame is sent his way but not the entire enchilada so to speak. Even I have to admit he hasn't been the greatest GM of all time. But as an owner he's exactly what you want. He's a man who wants to do everything he can to help his team win. Not entertain like morons like Bayless seems to believe. Some blame is justified but all of it is just unwarranted and silly. But if you want to go in that direction go right ahead. It's just something I just don't understand nor do I want to.

Screw reality. Reality Bites. Reality this season is a hard pill to swallow that I refuse to because it will make me sick. If you focus on all of the problems this team has right now with inconsistent coaching, injuries, and more injuries then it's enough to drive a man to drink. I get enough reality going through the motions at college or at work. Call me crazy if you want. But being a realist fan is something that I will never be or seem to understand. Those fans out there who are extreme realists and condemn the team after every loss like they need to be perfect in order to please their presence just don't jive well with me. In particular schmucks like Skip Bayless. His recent article on ESPN was pure trash and a way for him to get all of the defeatist fans on his bandwagon.

Unlike some fans I haven't had the pleasure of seeing this team in it's glory days. I was a toddler when the boys won their last Super Bowl. The earliest memory I have is a gut wrenching playoff loss to Carolina in the 1998 season. So I guess you could say that has made me an eternal optimist so to speak. And yes it's true losses like Denver and Detroit this year make it really hard to keep the faith. But you know what? Things could be a lot worse. Remember 44-6? The 34-3 blowout loss to the Vikings in 2009? Patrick Crayton?, Quincy Carter? Romo and his broken collarbone? Things have been a lot worse lately than 4-4. This team was 3-5 at this point last season. This team could be 0-7 like Tampa Bay Buccaneers and getting ready for the draft already. And for some reason just like the Arizona Cardinals the Lions just scream bad juju all the way around. I wouldn't be surprised if they used a voodoo doll curse on our cornerbacks last sunday. Because up until Claiborne and Church went out the lions were tamed, and Calvin had been limited, then they got hurt and you had Jakar Hamilton back there at safety. Yeah, safe to say that the defense was handed a bad hand there. And even with all of that we still almost managed to win the game. That loss was a fluke. The loss to Detroit a couple years ago was far worse and an even bigger collapse. 4-4 at the midpoint season facing a brutal schedule with what seems like half bad teams and half juggernauts on the schedule, I don't think we are in that bad of a spot. And there is plenty to be proud of about this year's team so far. Sean Lee is still making Chuck Norris blush, Terrance Williams is playing like the rookie of the year, Dwayne Harris is an all pro special teams ninja, and Frebeard is a brick wall in the offensive line and is playing like a pro bowler. Sure I would rather be 6-2 at this point but considering how close the losses we have had this year were I have to say that this team is on it's way up from 8-8.

And speaking of 8-8...

Put the crystal balls away please. You can leave em out if you want, but the fact is none of us know how this season will end or where this team will end up. Who here predicted that Spencer was going to be out for the season?, or that Crawford and Bass would also end up on IR? Other than Miles Austin''s Hammy and Matt Johnson's designation on IR none of those injuries were predicted by anyone. And those hurt this team badly before the season even started. Comparisons to year's past are also unfair to this team. As much as you want to believe that this is the same team as last year's it just isn't true. There are different coaches, new players, and a whole new defensive scheme.

Speaking of that scheme. Switching from a 3-4 to a 4-3 defense in one season was not going to be pretty. If you though the defense was going to be all pro from the start you're nuts. This was going to be a work in progress, and if the injury bomb didn't fall on our poor d-linemen I think the results would be a lot different with a healthy Spencer, Crawford, Bass or Ratliff in the lineup. But Ratliff I guess according to recent news could be in the lineup but he decided to be a punk instead, so scratch him off of that potential lineup because he didn't want to play for his team anymore. Rat quit on this team, which is something that as a fan, I will never do in a million years. Where's the articles about Ratliff being a gold bricking son of a gun eh? Nope let's blame Jerry and Jason Garret, and rag on Dez instead. This group of bricklayers has held up quite well so far this season despite all of the unfortunate injuries, and that's a huge credit to Rod Marinelli. Man, where would this defense be without him this year? I shudder to think of the thought.

As for Dez's sideline antics, the whole drama surrounding this non issue is ridiculous. Audio, footage, and statements from team mates have all proved that what he said was not in any way offensive or intended to harm to the team or the players. He was fired up, and wanted to go in for the kill which I agree with. Dallas is one of the best at scoring points this year on offense(despite opinions to the contrary.) and he had every right to be passionate about that. And as for his rant on the sideline after Stafford fake spikes into the endzone for the win? Come on now. How can you be mad at him for that? We all did the same thing. Dez is still a young man, and he is learning very quickly how to be a leader and a force on this football team. He is not a problem child or a pet cat. He is a terror for opposing defenses and an asset for this football team, and I wouldn't want it any other way. Take away his passion and his fire he isn't the beast tearing up defensive backs on Sundays. I'll take a few rants. If Tom Brady can act like a spoiled brat on the sidelines that why can't Dez do so periodically every now and then?

Speaking of Tom Brady, let's talk about a quarterback who has better stats than the golden boy this year and is getting no love for it. Yep. You guessed it our own Tony Romo. Look I don't care about his Ypa going down. The reason why that is happening is because of the west coast offense dink and dunk scheme Callahan is running. To be honest that style has about 2 weeks left in it before I really start fuming out my ears. Romo so far is having one of his best seasons to date. I'll take his 2,216 passing yards, 101.9 passer rating, 18 touchdowns and 5 picks at the halfway point anyday of the week. He is not the issue. He did everything he needed to do to win the game Sunday. He stepped up and delivered 2 scoring drives when they were of dire need, and despite immense pressure from Detroit's front four and bouts of Nick Fairley sitting on his chest he did fine. Not the prettiest stat line but he did enough to win. Stafford only looks good because of Megatron. Take CJ away and Stafford is a puddy tat. His stats without Johnson prove it. Romo still excels without his top receiving targets, and that is a testament to his talent. Is Romo perfect? No. He isn't , but he's not anywhere near as bad as some of he general public tend to believe. I'll take Romo anyday over Kaepernick Vick or Matty Ice. Give the man a defense that will keep the leads he gives them(Detroit and Denver, defense closes we are 6-2. Think about that.) and then he'll take this team far, and possibly far enough to a Super Bowl and a chance to grab that brass ring this team has been trying to reach for so many years as of late. No quarterback, not even the golden boy himself Tom Brady can do it alone. It's a team sport not a QB driven one. Espn and the NFL network are foolish for believing otherwise.

And one final rant, before I bring this to a close. What about those refs? I know what's coming. "You can't blame the refs." and so on. But seriously when do we start blaming them? They have been downright horrific this season. Their actions or inactions have directly affected and helped lose games for this team. Against Detroit CJ's first big 85 yard catch and run only happened because Claiborne was getting bear hugged. Take that away and who knows how this game turns out. Oh and I am still raging over that BS PI call on Scandrick on the same play they picked up the flag on earlier in the game. The receiver tripped and fell that is not PASS INTERFERENCE. I got an interference call for ya ref. It's my fist in your face! If that call is never made like it shouldn't have been in the first place, more than likely that the lions never make a game out of it in the 4th quarter, or it at least would have given our red hot offense another chance to take more time off the clock or put the game away with another score. Oh and I love the lets throw a flag on Tyron Smith for holding in the last few minutes of the game so the Lions can get a chance at a miracle finish. Let the player's play for the majority of the game, but when the lions are toast, you give them a jolt. Really? Tyron shouldn't have done that, but the refs should have called a fair game to begin with so it's on them both. And you know it's not just Detroit. If the zebras had their way we would have lost in Philly. The offensive PI against Dez in KC. The Denver game was just pro Denver all the way. Our D-Line gets no pressure not because they are bad per se, but because the referees let the opposing offensive lines tackle them, mug them, arm bar them, and pretty much let them do whatever they want. Not really fair is it? The Charger's loss was in part imo due to atrociously one sided officiating. Rivers had so much time because his line was blatantly holding on what seemed like every snap. And it's not just holding either. Dez is getting mugged so much I'm surprised opposing cornerbacks haven't stolen his money yet. And why is that Romo can't seem to get a roughing the passer call to save his life? I cannot see how 300 pound Nick Fairley slamming romo into the turf after the ball is out of his hand and sitting on him is not roughing the passer. Same goes for kneeing the man in the helmet or spearing him in the ribs. I swear a DT could choke slam Romo and the refs wouldn't throw the flag. It's downright criminal. But RGIII for some reason gets them when he pussies out and runs out of bounds? It's a mad, mad world. Seriously though, the officiating has been biased towards our opponents way too much lately to be considered a non issue. Teams like Seattle can get away with murder but we get flagged way too many times for ticky tacky penatlies that the opposing team rarely ever seems to get called for. Maybe one of these games Romo does need to pull a longest yard and nail one of those refs in the balls. Preferably Ed Hoculi. He seems to hate us for some reason.

Now I feel a lot better and I am refreshed and ready to see the Cowboys smack down some Vikings on sunday. And win or lose I'll still be in their corner. I have no idea how this season will end up. But anything is possible. In a league where a 9-7 team has won a super bowl, this team getting into the playoffs and making a miraculous run isn't as much of a stretch as you might think. Just get in the dance. Once you get there all bets are off.

Don't Stop Believing. Your 2013 Dallas Cowboys. Get over that hump boys!



I for one would follow this man and his team into hell. This team means that much to me. I believe that someday soon possibly even this year this team will finally win that battle of inches and be back on top of the football world. You can't say there's no chance. Anything can happen on any given sunday.

"Never give up. Never Surrender."


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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